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  1. Hey All- So i finally got around to getting some prints made from a flash set i painted at the end of the 2013 year. It's 5 sheets, archival inks on arches cold press paper. $50 for the set, free shipping in the US. I accept paypal to or it can be purchased through my site: here. Thanks for looking.
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  3. yeah that sucks bad. I was one of the many who got Greg Calhoon-ed...but i also would assume that Marv had a good rep since he kind of runs with some of the machine building big dogs. Karma is a bitch, and she will take you out quick if you're not careful. good luck dude.
  4. Uncle Knuckles Ink slingin' Tat Shack. you could throw "wizard" or "dragon" in there somewhere as well.
  5. you definitely won't be disappointed. the shop is awesome, the dudes are all extremely nice, and of course the tattoo will be badass!
  6. @Scott R Thanks for this thread i have always been curious about the process, as i have only ever seen the after treatment effects. very cool to follow the progress, i can't wait to see what cool shit takes it's place. i think i need to start planning to blast one of my arms and start over.
  7. Well i had another long rant, but apparently forget to submit long story short...i think if you are looking to stay put for a while...home ownership is a good move..home prices are down, the interest rates may never get this low again for a long time once they start moving up again. I say go for it! better than paying someone else's mortgage.
  8. For whatever it is worth i would do it now while the market is completely thrashed. There are house around my area that are just crazy cheap. We bought our house about 6 years ago at the height of the boom. At that time the housing market here in athens was ridiculous...anywhere from 175 - 300 for a small craftsman style or a 60's ranch. So we opted to move about 15 miles outside of town where we got a much bigger house with more land ( 108 year old farmhouse) and spent about 132k. Since the market shit the bed, all of the higher end homes in athens mentioned above are now going for around 170 in town and ours is probably now worth less than 100. Basically all i am trying to say without a giant back story is how much lower can it go! Buy now while it seems to be at rock bottom...maybe do a 15yr with these super low rates and in 5-7 years you may be sitting a nice profit if you sell. Hell i am thinking about defaulting and having my wife buy in her name back in athens since it is so cheap.