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  1. Just got a cover-up from Trevor Taylor at Liberty in Seattle. I had one laser removal session done at Fade Fast in Dallas and, though I've got nothing but good things to say about Fade Fast, decided I wasn't patient enough to see it though. Trevor was great and I'm very pleased with the result. It won't be my last from him. The photo was borrowed from Trevor's Instragram.
  2. Eric

    Koeplinger Snake

    Koeplinger Snake
  3. Eric

    Deno Snake

    Deno Snake (kind of)
  4. Jerry butterfly by Molly McKinnon
  5. Eric

    Hello from DC

    Chris Smith, but I believe he's moved on now.
  6. Eric

    Hello from DC

    Mostly Jinx Proof and Tattoo Paradise. Can't say enough good things about either shop. I've gone to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum a couple of times, too.
  7. A relatively recent one - from Deno when he was visiting Tattoo Paradise last year. Picture borrowed from his Instagram.
  8. Eric

    Hello from DC

    I currently live in DC and am originally from Oklahoma. I'm not new to getting tattooed, but am new to Last Sparrow.