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  1. I can't speak to the quality of the information on this site, but I've certainly enjoyed reading through it (and I think first discovered it through this forum) Japanese Buddhism - Apsaras, Celestial Beings, Heavenly Maidens & Musicians, Tennyo, Karyobinga.
  2. I finally got the catalog. I was surprised by how big and awesome it is for $20 and my back feels so empty now. And yeah, that Shige skull on that one woman blew my mind.
  3. I didn't realize it was only $20, so thanks for the heads up. Just ordered.
  4. That wasn't one of the Crazy John's locations, was it?
  5. Trojan.Penisprinter variants will be pretty funny, though.
  6. Love it. Love everything about it. Best thread on the internet.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Ganesh recently converted, I guess.
  8. Holy shit, thanks for the heads up. I wanted to play it and a few other games but I want to pay for as little as possible.
  9. Now I want people to start photoshoping subtle penises into the photos they put on line so that they get copied.
  10. That looks awesome. How old was the original?
  11. $50? My boy can do it for $7 and some whip-its. You should hit him up.
  12. I've gotten sick after my last three sessions, but I have a toddler in daycare so we've been dealing with colds in my household a lot in the last year so obviously that could just be coincidence.
  13. It's all good but this one I love the most for whatever reason. - - - Updated - - - And Holy Moly! That's awesome.
  14. Kitchen laser removal is the obvious response to kitchen tattoos. I eagerly look forward to the days of kitchen LASIK.
  15. That looks amazing. It's stuff like this that made me think tattoos were awesome in the first place.
  16. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing all the photos. And your coverage makes your naked ass look clothed so I can look at it at work! - - - Updated - - - Love that Kuniyoshi print, love that back piece.
  17. Saw that on SA this morning (where I also have a different username). That's really cool.
  18. When I saw that She-Fudo on instagram I said "Holy Shit" out loud. I absolutely love that. It's crazy how much I see on instagram that is tattooed on people posting here. Oh, and the panther is awesome, too.
  19. Everyone on Rubendall's wait list should cancel in protest. Spread the word.
  20. I'm sure it helped that his brother was already working on a body suit. Still though, I wish I had done the same.
  21. Although jackass is long gone, here is a direct link to a photo of the Jojo Ackerman backpiece: Left as a link for lady butt.