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    "Au moins vous ne serez jamais un légume -*même les artichauts ont des coeurs." "At least you'll never be a vegetable -*even artichokes have hearts."
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    Orange county, CA
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    Reading, movies, nerdy hobbies like model building
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  1. Finally went over to White Lotus and met Stacey! She's so sweet and the shop is awesome. So I put down a deposit and two weeks from Friday I will be finishing it.she said she could pound it out all in one sitting... and a GREAT rate. My jaw hit the floor when she gave me my quote. Ill post photos when I'm done
  2. I'll post my koi once its done and if I can have her design my half sleeve I'll post a photo and you can judge for yourself ;)
  3. This is actually where I got my outline done!! They are great but I really like the koi in Staceys gallery at White Lotus
  4. Oh no! I get them occasionally and drs can't find an exact cause. They think my kidney might be shaped funny and that causes blah blah blah... that's about when my Dilaudid kicked in
  5. Well I think i found a place in Laguna Hills ca called White lotus. Anytime I say the name someone in the room says they have recieved a tattoo that they love from them. I'm going in monday to check out the place and the tattoo artist who's work I liked online... But orange county ca is where I'm at
  6. I would but its been so long (5 years). After I got the outline I went to the hospital for a kidney infection (not related) and then found out I was pregnant a few weeks later. My son just turned 4 and I'm finally able to save a bit of money... The tattoo parlor is still there but they said he moved to Az... My fault for waiting so long
  7. I had a similar experience to some of you. I just had the outline done the week before when I was sent to the hospital. They thought it was an appendicitis but it was a kidney infection. The gown opens in the back and the whole ER saw the piece of art. I still get emails to this day from my family saying how tattoos will keep me workingminimum jobs and I will die of hep c... little do they know that I'm finishingit asap and starting on my half sleeves!
  8. Good to know guys! I'm extremely fair and I feel like I put sunscreen companies in business! I'm going monday to finish up a tattoo and I would have been upset if I forgot to ask and ruined my new piece of art
  9. I think that idea sounds awesome!! I'm a huge horror buff too and I love the idea of two ideas blending. I'm getting a skull or pile of them and merging them with lace. Something feminine to melt in with the gruesome of the skulls...
  10. I agree. Post photos. But I think that your idea of extending your sleeve sounds incredible!!
  11. Hello there My name is Lynelle. I have the outline of a koi on my shoulder that I'm looking to get shaded and colored in. I'm also hoping I can find someone to help me design a half sleeve that im in love with! Its with a lace background. I am just not the best at drawing.... or placement. Lol. Anyone know who can help? ?
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