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  1. Dumbest I've seen or heard of was some moron bonehead in Sacramento with "OIL" tattooed on his forehead. See, it was supposed to be "OI!" but the execution of the tattoo may have been a little lacking.... There was a guy with SATAN tattooed on his forehead running around Sacramento as well. That one was actually well done. MY FAVORITE is a guy that I see on Polk St from time to time with a big SCORPIONS tattoo on his chest. Decent work from what I could tell. Dude is rad and loves talking about Michael Schenker, UFO, and the Scorps.
  2. Perhaps regional to Sacramento but, "tacks" for tattoos. Retardsville. Is there a thread for ghetto tattoo combo "smoke" shops?
  3. Congratulations on the six month birthday. I will now celebrate by watching "The Soup" reruns. God Bless!
  4. hard to believe anyone could survive that?
  5. Thread n needle 7 seconds tattoo done in a double-wide in Vancouver, WA. in 1993. "The Bars" tattoo - chest - done at FTW several years back. Finally, a Verbal Assault tattoo, 1992, that only my wife is allowed to see.
  6. Yes, confirmed that the shop was Broadway Bob's. Apparently this is where "wild bill" got his first tattoo. Wasn't able to find any other information after some 'net research.
  7. No. Not Bill Liberty... I havent heard that name in ages. I was thinking about this today and I actually think the name of the shop was Broadway Bob's. Jesus, this was like 30 years ago. Ill do some research and report back.
  8. Started an upper arm piece w/ Yutaro recently. No color. Koi, windbar, waves, etc. Will post pics once its complete
  9. First tattoo was in the first American Graffiti in the sublevel of a victorian on 19th ave in Sacramento. This was 1993 and I got a "43" on my wrist from Eric Hogan. I do not remember a tremendous amount about the experience except Eric calling me "kid" which is funny because, looking back, he was in his early 20's. I was somewhat intimidated. That shop brought tattoo culture and an "outlaw punk" vibe to Sacramento in a big way. They were a big presence in Sacramento for a long time.
  10. Yutaro Sakai Nate Sponsler Eric Hogan Joel Dodds Henry Lewis Greg Rojas and a cast of thousands
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