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  1. Awesome pieces here! I'll chip in with mine. Done by Markus Lenhard in Berlin, I'm a sucker for flow and asymmetry :) Still work in progress. I loved the experience, Markus is one of the most interesting and cool guys you'll ever meet.
  2. I just had my second session done on my chest piece. 10 solid hours of actual tattoo time in two days. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, since the first session (8hours in two days) turned out to be painful as hell. From minute one 'till the end. (a cursed like a madman when he went over my nipple) This time however, and for the first time, I really got 'in the zone'. I was laying in the chair, eyes closed and completely at ease while the tattoo artist drilled away for 5 hours straight. We only took two 15min breaks. What worked for me was telling myself the whole time: 'I am completely relaxed, I can't feel pain. If I could feel pain, I wouldn't be relaxed'. A bit of reversed psychology. After 45min I was in a sort of trance. I could accept the feeling of getting my skin punctured a zillion times as something that wasn't pain but something I wanted. It sounds stupid, but it worked like hell. On the really painful parts, like sternum and nipples it was all about breathing. Deep and slow breaths. Accepting the pain, not as 'pain' - with all the negative associations, but as a sensation I could control. Anyway, it did the trick for me.
  3. Well, here's my entry. By Markus Lenhard - private studio in Berlin - work in progress cheers!
  4. Omar

    Chest piece

    Markus Lenhard
  5. Not that he's so difficult to get in touch with, but Victor Portugal's waiting list was +2,5 years half a year ago. To get in with high profile artists depends a lot on your approach I believe. If you show you're serious and you give them enough creative freedom, it's not that hard. Same goes for Markus Lenhard. I've contacted him about a month ago, and I'm in for september this year (Hooray!) But I guess getting booked in with Guy Aitchison or Jeff Gogue will be another story.
  6. Oh happy day - just got the news. I'm getting tattooed by Markus Lenhard from Berlin! Bio-organic insect wing on my chest :cool: This is what I love the most. When you've made up your mind about placement, design and artist and you send the first mail to ask if he's interested. I tend to really put an effort in how i first approach an artist. I often rewrite my initial mail 3 to 4 times with some days in between. And when the artist lets you know he thinks you've got a cool idea and wants to tattoo you, it's party time :)
  7. Omar

    Shoulder piece

    by Yliana Paolini (@ Brighton)
  8. I can honestly say my tattoo means absolutely nothing. I just like the movement and colours. Some people find that hard to believe/comprehend.
  9. Finished my first tattoo 4 days ago. Second session was a nice 5hours of colouring. Sort of a bio-organic thing :) By Yliana Paolini
  10. My shoulder is healing from a session 2,5 weeks ago. It peeled nicely but now i'm developing a mild rash around some places. And ow yeah, it itches like crazy. Next session in 2 weeks :cool:
  11. My first tattoo, done two days ago. It's a freehand piece by Yliana Paolini. Was an awesome experience. Well worth the 7hour driving trip to Brighton :) She's freakin' amazing. Next session is in 6 weeks. Can't wait!
  12. Hi there, you came to the right place. There are piles and piles of great threads to be found here :) Cheers
  13. Tnx! I really love her versatility and the way she incorporates colour into b&g. I gave her very loose guidelines so she can come up with her own design. Can't wait :) I'll def post a picture when it's done.
  14. I just booked my first tattoo. Will be end of november with Yliana Paolini. Will have to cross the sea to Brighton but I'm super stoked. Any of you guys been tattooed by her? Curious how the experience was :)
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