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    I'm a freelance writer, short fiction author and music lover.
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  1. I waited two weeks after my half sleeve on my forearm. I do parkour and free running, so there is a huge risk of cutting/scraping/scratching that part of the arm.
  2. Holding off on my next one. I had originally planned to get it a couple weeks ago, but I've already missed out on so much training this summer. Moving my date closer to the middle of autumn. The piece is already drawn up (a darker Alice), so it's pretty hard not to run on in and get it done.
  3. The colours in that piece pop so beautifully.
  4. I'm lucky: I have a greyhound. He's a lazy stinker. Couldn't be bothered to lick my ink because it would have meant he'd have to get up.
  5. jesgri

    Oh My

    Thank you. I definitely will be getting more. I have another planned for the end of summer, and a sleeve idea for my left arm that I need to deal with my carpal tunnel before acting upon.
  6. I've always loved the look of a single, cohesively themed back piece. There are some truly amazing pieces in this thread.
  7. jesgri

    Oh My

    Thank you! I posted it in the "Tattoo Lowdown" thread. I thought I replied last night but apparently my message didn't go through because I linked to the thread. Awesome, thanks. I was so paranoid about it. I thought I new what to expect, and then my forearm ballooned and I spent a couple days thinking I had an infection.
  8. jesgri

    Oh My

    I just posted it in the "Lastest Lowdown" thread, sorry for the massive and obnoxious size: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/15-latest-tattoo-lowdown-page398.html
  9. About 7 weeks ago, I got my first tattoo, which was the words "Love will tear us apart again" written down the centre of my forearm. Almost four weeks ago I got my second tattoo, the reading of the first discovered pulsar, also the cover of Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures," completing the piece. A little background on the piece: when I was 16, quite a few serious events unfolded in my life. I was a foster child at the time, and I had some mental health issues that resulted in me being volleyed about from hospital to hospital as psychiatrists picked apart my brain and my behavioural problem
  10. jesgri

    Oh My

    Hello to everyone. I'm a 21-year-old freelance writer from Connecticut. I was previously a guitar teacher, and before that, a lesson-planner for a guitar-oriented web site. I live for music, anything from post-punk to technical death metal, and good books. I got my first tattoo, a half sleeve, about a month ago. I joined mostly to admire others' body art, but also to learn more about tattoos, especially the healing process, which triggered my anxiety pretty badly.
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