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  1. Hello Bud... That is all you can do in life, and try to be the best that you can.... I think it is great you want to be the best for people. One thing from a client perspective, be honest!! always.... Why I say that is some tat artist will do jobs even when they know in the end the client will regret it down the road. If you think it is a bad idea on the front end tell them... if they still want to do it then it is on them.
  2. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for this guy... He made the choice. No one forced him to do it... We all make decisions in our lives, some good and some bad... But to say he was taken advantage of, is just out right silly... He could have said no.. And if I remember the story correctly from the actual start, it was him who approached these companies to do this. Not the other way around. We all have regrets at some point in life... He just made some rather poor choices early on.... There is no one to blame but himself in my opinion. and now that he made these stupid decisions, he has to blame a disorder for it... I find it funny when back in 2007 when he was making 10,000 dollars a tattoo he didn't have a disorder then. It was only when the publicity wore off and the money stopped coming in he now decide to claim a disorder caused him to do this. Even still today, he is offering parts of his body for advertisement. This is his words, " His penis and buttocks are also off limits — that is, unless the price is right. "I'd need $1 million to do that," he said." You decide.... Just another thought... in our society today, it seems we want to put a label on everything... If you had a bad day... there is a pill for that. If you have some stress, well there is another pill for that... If you need help sleeping, well we can offer many pills for that... you name it, there is a pill out there for it. I grew up in a time if you tried out for a sport and absolutely suck, you were cut from the team and told what you needed to work on... Not today, it doesn't matter if you can do the sport or job. Society will just pretend you can do it because for heaven sakes we can't hurt lil johnnies feelings.... What has happened to our society???? Just listen to the news from time to time. The united states is becoming a laughing joke in our world today... Once a highly respected country is now becoming all to weak. Just ask China and Russia now....
  3. Well just a quick update, I have sent my rough draft off to two different tat artists, one in Chicago which is supposed to be really good, and the other Joe Shit recommended to me in my area. I have to admit, the artist Joe recommended looks to be an absolutely fantastic artist.... So, I will see what these two gentlemen have to offer and I will pass along the input and hopefully a more refined rendition of my sketch. A big thanks goes out to Joe for all of his research and recommendations!!!! Thanks Bud!!!! And Semper Fi....
  4. Thanks once again Graeme, I totally agree about education.... This will obviously be a longer adventure than I actually thought. I will be checking out several places and asking a lot of questions... thanks to you and this site I am looking at this project in a completely new light.
  5. Thanks Graeme, I thought his site looked rather weak myself. But then found most of his work on Facebook. Again, some look really good then others I have to raise an eyebrow at. But then, how much of the really bland ones are what the customer wanted??? dunno... But on a different note, A friend of mine was a professional tattoo artist in Chicago. If I knew where he was today I would go to him... But anyway, he always harped on the quality of ink most use. He only bought the best and the work he did was almost in your face BOLD... With that said, what questions should be asked about the ink? in addition, what would be considered a quality ink in the business? Obviously all of my other tats were done when I was in the Marines and it was a pic it and stick it deal. Now, this one will obviously be my most important and last. So attention to detail is a must and my education is even more important... Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and comments... Oh I almost forgot... Here is Bob's Facebook link for those interested. https://www.facebook.com/grandcentraltattooing.bob[/CODE] [color=silver]- - - Updated - - -[/color] Thanks Delicious.... I mentioned above this guys faceboook site where he does post the majority of his work. Some really good, others I question. But then when I look at many of the others, they all have work I personally think is questionable... I am beginning to think I am way over thinking this. Not sure... This one is just particularly important to me but then again, I don't want to go broke doing it.
  6. Thanks for your replies Joe... I'm not going to go B&G because I am going to do a cover up. So I believe color is the best option. I actually like B&G but really for this one, I think coloring it will make it stand out and pop... Even though my rough draft isn't in color, that was my original thinking in the end. Going to add the helmet to the memorial, and the continents in the globe tonight. Tomorrow going to take my Daughter to the guy she likes and see if he think he could do this. At worst, have a little better felling of his true capabilities.
  7. I love Tats, but there is a point where ya got to stop and say REALLY????? Just my thoughts
  8. Thanks for your reply. I live in Northern Indiana. The major cities around me would have to be South Bend, Merrillville, Valparaiso, and Hebron. Speaking of Hebron, my Daughter had a tat done at Cry Baby Tattoos. the end results look good, however I always worry about ink quality. No sense in wasting money if it is faded out in a year or two. He seemed great and did a good job but I really don't know if he is all the talk. Here is the link to his site if ya want to check it out. Or, if you know anything about this place I'm all ears... http://www.crybabybodyart.com/[/CODE] Thanks again for your input...
  9. Thanks for your reply... I live in northern Indiana. North west to be exact. Some of the major cities around me would be Portage, South bend, Merrillville, Valparaiso, And Hebron. Speaking of Hebron, My daughter had a tat done at Cry Baby Tattoo's in Hebron. End results look good but I worry about cheap ink. Here is his link if you want to check it out. Tattoos | Body Piercing | Body Art Hebron, IN
  10. Semper Fi Gunny!!!! HAHA... yup... ya can't beat the Remington M4... I was with 2/6 S.T.A. Platoon. I still today keep my skills sharp. Took my kids to the range last weekend as a matter of fact. My daughter is something to be reckoned with... Thanks for your input, I will get this put together sooner than later now that the ball is rolling....
  11. on my left for arm... due to the detail I figure it will go from my elbow to my sholder. I know i could get even more detail if i did it on my back somewhere but I want it to be seen more than not. - - - Updated - - - here is a link to the song I was talkin about... Great song... (If ya like country) But then me, I like most music...
  12. No, no artist in mind yet... Just trying to figure this out in a formal draft first. Semper Fi to your father... I was actually think about in the dog tags in the picture, putting Pvt. Mallone. After the song about the fallen solder in the Nam war.
  13. Thanks Brother... it needs lots of work still but it is an idea...
  14. Hello, I am a former Marine... I do have tats, however I never got a USMC tattoo because most are all the same. I always said, once I came up with an original Idea it would go on paper and once fine tuned, turned into a custom tat. Well, I think I am at that beginning point and could use some thoughts and outside ideas. While I was in, I lost some members of my unit. So as a tribute to not only the men we lost, but to all of our armed forces that have gave the ultimate sacrifice. So, I am starting out with the fallen solder memorial. Now here is the twist.... We were always told in the corps Marines never die... Our spirits live forever... So, at the base of the memorial I have a solders arm breaking through the ground holding the eagle globe and anchor. Since it is a custom thought, the eagle is coming in grabbing the rope for a landing. Sure it may sound a bit twisted but I think it will be really cool once fine tuned. My biggest problem is creating a more realistic arm coming from the ground. Here is the first really rough draft... Any thoughts comments or even motivated individuals that would like to sketch out a few things would be awesome... Thanks again and here is what I have so far..... - - - Updated - - - Oh, and I guess I should mention in case the military folks out there tell me the fallen soldier memorial isn't complete... I know. I haven't added the helmet yet as this is a very rough draft in progress. Hell, I still need to add the continents on the globe....lol... Thanks again for any thoughts and or input..
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