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  1. Thank you very much I promise to give as much as I can :) Ollie
  2. If you would like a nice Phoenix I highly recommend Richard Pinch in Aberdeen this guy is a legend works with the likes of filip leu and henning, a real legend in the UK. You also have horikitsune in London this man apprenticed under horioshi III for god sake, absoloutly killing it !! And also Stuart Robson at frith St this guys killin it amazing all rounder and one hell of a guy! I mean it when I say all rounder there's not much this guys can't do at the highest level!! Makes me wana quit man!!! Hope iv helped these artists are the best of the best and who I believe will give you the best Phoenix Remember there's nothing wrong with travelling for a good tattoo Hope iv helped Ollie
  3. Hey guys first of thanks for reading, I'm so lucky to work in the legendary world famous TERRYS TATTOO GLASGOW, I tattoo mainly traditional and I collect tattoo antiques and rebuild old tattoo machines :) If you have any history Or old machines/frames Please give me a holler eternalink@mail.com Take care Ollie
  4. Hey I have cash waiting for this could you shoot me an email please also very very very interested in the Grimshaw cash waiting eternalink@mail.com Kind regards Ollie
  5. Hi, do you still have these? I have cash waiting :) Kid regards Ollie