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  1. Thanks! And could anyone provide me with some more insight about tattoos on the foot? I've read that they take longer to heal and aren't as durable. If i were to go through with the foot as the location for my next piece, I'd prefer more toward the side than the top. Input?
  2. Have you had to have them touched up multiple times or have they overall been fine? I've been considering more toward the side of the foot instead of directly on top, but obviously no decision yet. And yeah, if I go with the foot I'm expecting it to hurt like hell, and I thought my hip hurt, so lord knows.
  3. Lesson learned on the wording lol boy do I feel dumb :p regardless, can anyone offer some insight into foot tattoos? I've considered it for my next tattoo location, and have found that they're much less durable than many other locations and healing takes a lot longer.
  4. Fellow canvas here, though I'm nearly a blank slate, with just one piece! I'll be hitting 21 soon, and from the moment my first tattoo healed when I turned 18 I've wanted another. I've held off, but I'm currently in a battle of my consistent desire to get another and my concern for paying for college. Right now, though, my desire is obviously winning (why else would I be here?!) and I've had an idea for quite some time now, which I'm beginning to explore. What I'm wanting will be a reminder piece, and I'm conflicted about location and font, as it's just a small tattoo that I'm wanting. SO, I've come here in hopes of great advice and a little guidance from some more experienced than I am! :D