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    Thanks for the feedback! I will talk to the artist. The tattoo is on the waistline, so it keeps getting rubbed by clothing. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions about how to handle a tattoo in an area like that were it's difficult to keep it from being rubbed by clothing.
  2. jlee3


    Hi all! My name is J. I have 3 small tattoos and I'd love to get a few more. I'd like to post my current pieces on here at some point. I just love tattoos and art. Glad to be on this site! Can't wait to see/talk about tattoos with fellow enthusiasts :) - - - Updated - - - In the meantime, I do have a quick question. If you have a tattoo in a spot that is frequently rubbed by clothing, is there a way to cover it up while it heals so it isn't "rubbed" off? How about a tattoo around your waistband? Can you cover is with bandaging or clear wrap for a few weeks while it heals? Any suggestions wou
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