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  1. This picture was taken right after I got my first tattoo at ACE Tattoo in Thornton, CO by Dustin. (Yeah both of my tattoos were done by Dustins, weird, I know.) This tattoo is in memory of my half brother's dad, Mark, who passed in 2010.
  2. This is my second tattoo, which I got two days ago at Red Sky Tattoo in Castle Rock, CO by Dustin. It's an ankh and lotus flowers. The ankh is based off a design I drew myself. I wanted to add the flowers because I thought the piece needed some color. I'm not gonna lie, I am not 100% happy with this piece, and I'm currently looking for ideas for things to add to it (possibly color behind the ankh, or a third flower) to improve it. I'm always open to suggestions.
  3. Well awesome! I just looked and your snake and skull tattoo is super dope :)
  4. I'll definitely have to look them both up and check out their work! Do you have pictures of your tattoos on your profile?
  5. For my first tattoo I went to a shop in Thornton called ACE Tattoo. For my second one, I went to Red Sky in Castle Rock. Where do you go?
  6. My name's Ashley. I just stumbled across this website tonight, and I thought it was pretty cool and decided to make an account! My purpose for coming on here in the first place was to seek out some advice on a tattoo I just got yesterday, but I guess I'll go more into detail about that later. Anyways, I'm 18 and I live in Colorado. I love all things outdoorsy, I'm super lazy, and I love The Legend of Zelda more than life itself. Im into all kinds of art and traveling. I guess you could say I'm kind of a weirdo. Now on to the whole reason I'm on this website... Tattoos. I have two as of right now. Maybe I'll get more, maybe not. Who knows. But about the ones I do have: my first was angel wings on my back with "RIP Markie (a tribute to my half brother's dad who passed in 2010) and my second I just got yesterday. It's an ankh and two lotus flowers on my lower left leg/ankle area. Nice to meet you all! :)
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