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    awesome layout and awesome looking tattoo, good job for your first tattoo mate.
  2. recently found this local artist in my area, his name is Andre i dont know his last name but i will definitely be getting a tattoo off him after seeing these legs he did, Fucking mind blown!! also i believe they are based off a Rob Roskopp pro deck designed by Jim Phillips.
  3. hahah love it, every time they dont get the answer they were looking for they bounce, classic LST
  4. Got this Greg Irons wizard on my calf a couple of months ago by Andre Cleary
  5. do your balls hang low, do they wobble to and frow, can you tie them in a knot?, can you tie them in a bow?,can you throw them over your shoulder like a regimental soldier, do your balls hang lowwwwwwwwwww @peterpoose
  6. JimmyS


    mines james_soar i basically update it everytime i finish a new painting
  7. bad photos but i got the dragon yesterday from Andre Cleary and the girls head a month ago from Adrian Hing , both are really nice humble guys. also sorry for the sideways pics ive tryed everything cant figure it out.
  8. Yeah mate I went for a hawk and pine tree scene, which I havent seen any amongst his portfolio so im excited to see what he comes up with, ill keep everyone in the know when it goes down I owe it to LST
  9. Yeah he also has a policy if for some reason you dont call and cancel a booking within 72 hours all of your future bookings are cancelled and you go back to square one, which i think is fair to be honest for someone so busy and that has no time for bullshit.
  10. Just got booked in with Adam Kitamoto for a full sleeve and chest panel... for february 2016 haha, not very upcoming but I can wait.
  11. hey mate welcome to LST, can i ask who did the lion on your foot? its badass!
  12. @hifire I've been following Dans work for a couple of years everything he does blows me away, fucking lovely tattoo!
  13. i did a 5 hour session outlining a full sleeve a couple years back, from what i can remember it wasn't so bad, but now i can barely get through 2 hours.
  14. @Johannes can i ask who the tattoo is booked with?
  15. @Dumpleton I've loved watching your progression over the last year, your paintings are so kick arse.
  16. Went to Japan on the end of a 5 month Asia backpacking trip and got this beauty tattooed by Toni Aguera as a souvenir to myself. Toni does some really sick, quirky japanese stuff. His instagram is @kezamtattoos if you wanna check him out.
  17. Haha I also have a scorpion and a snake, I also have a werewolf but that's a mythical beast so it doesn't count.
  18. hahah i don't know why but that reaper lunge cracked me up, too good.
  19. Heres a photo of me with my girlfriend and my two best mates.
  20. Good for you dude, those are all sweet artists, I assume your getting a japanese inspired sleeve from Jill.
  21. also your guy Nico has got that traditional japanese on point.
  22. @Cork i know your talking about that Rubendall piece, boy is that something else.
  23. Welcome to LST Josh, if you don't mind me asking who did your tattoos? and pictures if your a total badass ;)
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