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  1. My point wasn’t whether her tattoo is good or bad or not. My point is someone came here and asked a question and you answered it. Great. But then you felt the need to chirp in your first reply. Which is certainly your choice, but when given the choice between saying something like “Reading comprehension is not your friend. Let me be more clear - it’s a shit tattoo, the artwork is awful, you can’t fix that and it has nothing to do with the pic. Get it now?” or just ignoring it and saying nothing, you could probably just do the latter. You’ve been around here long enough to know how this goes, which only leads to the point that you’re looking to argue. Again, that’s your choice. I was merely suggesting maybe there’s no need. The internet has more than enough nonsense on it, why contribute to it? I remember being a dick on the internet too…when I was 19.
  2. Not gonna waste my time. As you said, there’s no point in arguing with someone who isn’t gonna get it…
  3. Perhaps next time if someone asks a question, the immediate reply doesn’t have to be about how their tattoo sucks with no real explanation offered when they ask a legitimate follow up? Sure, that tattoo isn’t great. But the OP is right that it’s obviously still healing, clearly not done, and a terrible photo to boot. I realize there isn’t much action on this board anymore, but you can certainly also see why.
  4. A nice change of pace around here lately. Looks good. Keep us posted!
  5. I have a few spots in tattoos that kinda look this way, often in light blue. I was talking with an artist about it and they said it often happens when you mix white in to lighten a color and then the white discolors (which we all know happens). Nothing you can do, but honestly it doesn’t look bad. I wouldn’t sweat it. As your tattoo ages you won’t notice every little imperfection anyhow.
  6. Yeah, I’d be curious to see the whole thing totally healed up in a few weeks/months time. That stomach piece has a nice softness to it that isn’t quite there due to the freshness of your arm. Keep us posted and don’t do anything drastic.
  7. Finished my backpiece with Scott!! Not posting anything anywhere public yet, but threw some pics on Instagram if anyone is interested. Username @thrilledxbored.
  8. Back out to San Francisco next week for two more sessions with Scott. Could be wrapping up the backpiece. Fingers crossed.
  9. A very nice change of pace around here of late! Great tattoo.
  10. Multiple people are telling you the same thing and you’re not getting it. I’m sorry to be blunt, but let’s clear up a few things. 1. Tattoos are an imperfect artform 2. Skin is an imperfect medium 3. Tattooing is a wound that has to heal. Without letting it heal, nothing can be done. 4. Overworking a tattoo (and inflicting more trauma to the area) will rarely help a situation. 5. Stop worrying about what inks your artist use. If you are at a reputable shop and artist, they know more than you do. They also know more than most people here 6. Do more research on who you choose to tattoo you before you let them stick needles into your skin with ink that will be there forever. 7. The answer to further questions is probably “let it heal and wait a few weeks” or “no, you can’t fix it that way.”
  11. I’d assume your artist is using a “good quality ink.” If they’re not, we have much bigger issues to discuss. Beyond that, you can do whatever you want to it, but your tattoo is going to spread and fade somewhat over time. Also, once that happens you can’t “reduce” it.
  12. I coach track and cross country and I run a ton, so I’m constantly out in the sun from March to November. My runners used to laugh at the amount of sunscreen I put on, but now they just know that if it’s even a little sunny, I’m probably putting it on. Like you said, fading is inevitable, and I have some spots that show no matter how careful you are, the sun takes its toll. That said, I still try to use a 50 spf if I’m outside for more than 30-40 min.
  13. She’s saying the same thing as stated above. Rephrasing the same questions and explaining the importance and whatever else isn’t going to speed up the healing process. Be patient, see how it looks in a few weeks, and get it touched up if necessary. Be warned though: You’ve used the word perfect a few times here. If you expect perfection of an imperfect art form on an imperfect medium, you’re going to constantly find some little thing wrong. Be patient.
  14. Hahahaha dude, that’s so real.
  15. I get it. I remember my first few tattoos being hyper focused on things, and even later ones if they would heal in new ways I wasn't used to. I'm glad that I didn't know about this site for a lot of them or there may have been some panicked posts! Patience is something that is more important with tattoos than I realized initially. I don't think most people do.
  16. Gotta be patient and wait on new tattoos. If I recall, you posted a question recently about it. Just wait. In a month, then you can start to get a sense on how it will really look.
  17. To give an older LST answer, "put a panther over it."
  18. The lower back was definitely worse than I expected! I actually said out loud that everyone owes 90s "tramp stamp" owners an apology.
  19. Haha somehow I skimmed right over the spam one. Makes sense.
  20. Not sure why this old post has been dug up, but I will add that I recently picked up Beyond Skin and it rulllles. And yes, that Scott rose book is killer. Classic roses, but it goes beyond that into other cool designs.
  21. I think if done well, symmetry can look great. At times though runs the risk of looking too perfect or planned out, which isn't necessarily my favorite. Rich Hardy posted a black and grey front on Instagram recently that I think does this very well. I have some spots where similar ideas and similar sized pieces play with one across the body, but aren't exactly symmetrical. For example, a very straightforward tudor rose on one knee, then a weird rose morph on the other. And a darker death's head moth on one thigh and a butterfly on the other. Ultimately, your call to go with what you think looks best!
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