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  1. Love his work, saw that one on instagram earlier today. Awesome job.
  2. It shouldn't, no. I do sometimes prefer to keep mine covered rather than be stared at - I guess it's a form of escapism when I do that - but for the most part I wear 'em proudly. Today's culture is fairly accepting of tats anyway.
  3. Just finished the first episode of Killjoys. It's some pretty basic shit (which is the standard for Syfy), but fuck it... I miss Firefly, so this'll do.
  4. I mostly listen to Aussie shows, which might not be of interest to most of y'all, but there's a few American ones (and one awesome British one) on my list. Podcasts | Nerdist - I find Chris Hardwick to be a fairly shit host, to be honest, but he gets some damn good guests. I do my best to ignore his incoherent fanboy blubbering and enjoy what the guest's got to offer. The recent episode with Mike Judge was fucking fantastic. Stuff You Should Know: The Podcast - Just a couple of dudes talking about how various parts of the world, humans, technology and science work, but in a really easy-to-un
  5. Jesus... I'm a big believer in folks getting whatever the hell they want tattooed on them, but some people really stretch the limits of my 'are you fucking serious...' meter.
  6. Shit, forgot to reply. @steve1461686340, @gougetheeyes, cheers for the guidance!
  7. What do you have on your shoulder? And what's your other tat, for that matter!
  8. Saving Mr Banks. Huh... This looks good. Great cast. Hanks, Emma Thompson, Paul Giamatti, Bradley Whitfield... I'm in. And, even though it's not strictly relevant to the plot, I hope they touch on the fact that Disney didn't allow women to be animators at his studio. Edit: just realised it's a Disney movie... pretty sure they won't touch on their dark past, haha.
  9. Yeah, I like Champloo, although it's not quuuuuiiite as good as Bebop... ;) Believe it or not, I don't like NGE! I like the idea of it, but I just hate the characters... Well, most of them. It's visually stunning though, can't argue that.
  10. doshio


    I post pretty boring shit, but you'll find me at mkstvns :)
  11. Great call on Ninja Scroll. Akira is of course another obvious must-watch... Wicked City is some good messed up fun, the Patlabor movies (third one sucked though), Macross Plus miniseries... Oh, all-time fave anime series, Cowboy Bebop. Cannot be beat.
  12. Caught Pacific Rim tonight. Analogue robot gave me a laugh, and that baseball bat of a ship was rigid as fuck... If only today's oil tankers were that tough! Fun flick though. Nothing complex, just the good simple giant robot fun that our younger selves went nuts for.
  13. TOP idea for a thread. I've got a couple of tattoos planned to kick things off, one just for fun and one as a sort of little motivator, for lack of a better word. I've been sketching out ideas for a long-ish piece on my arm that would start up near my shoulder, depicting a classic tall ship on the surface of the ocean. BUT, the ship is in two pieces, with a couple of kraken tentacles in the process of tearing it apart. Clouds and small birds in the background, etc. The water is shaded black and blue - but mostly only near the top, near the 'surface' of the water - and the image moves down
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