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    Aspiring tattoo artist.. Honestly, cannot describe how much this craft means to me.
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    Draw, Paint, Music, Old Cars
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    Factory Worker
  1. There are four people off the top of my head who I believe deserve some/more recognition than they already receive. This first tattoo artist's name is Megan Wilson. If you are in the Bay Area be sure to get a tattoo from her. This next artist's name is Rich Hadley. A huge inspiration in my drawing and painting. Check him out on Instagram. Another great artist is Thomas Morgan. He is the real deal when you think of a tattoo artist. If you are in the Southern California area check him out and get a tattoo. Last but not least, Jojo Ackermann. He is a great tattoo artist and all around great guy. If you are in the Southern California area, go get a tattoo from him. Check him out on Instagram.
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    Have wanted to tattoo since 2nd grade in school. 22 years old now. Patience and hard work, hopefully will pay off...