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    im young, and have been thinking about what I want for a really long time . id like some advice on it :)

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  1. nina

    first ink ideas

    new idea back and right side
  2. nina

    first ink ideas

    new idea left side
  3. nina

    first ink ideas

    old idea
  4. Hello! So this is my second intro post, but ive taken my original idea and reworked it, Just would like some feedback. Basically, the body drawings are rough sketches, of course the feathers would be done better and the little girl would look more like the one in the pic with the long quote. The quote ive shortened to "happiness is not the absence of struggle". There's a ton of meaning behind every inch of this design and I could explain it, but really im just looking for feedback on the tattoo aesthetically. Im planning on keeping it all black ink, but if you think colour would look nice some
  5. holy !! all of that sounds so awesome. I also really want to do tough mudder someday. My boyfriends sister did it and she cant wait to go back. - - - Updated - - - This is cute! Donkeys are hilarious.
  6. Seems a bit staged to me, but the ink they show, fake or real is still pretty neat. Worth a watch if you're looking for ideas :)
  7. that's cool! I like the deep colours opposed to super bright ones. Its more exotic :) awesome.
  8. this thread is great. im working on the idea and rough sketches for my first tattoo. This is making me consider some things!
  9. I like the seahorse idea :) its sweet and simple
  10. that's really sweet! love the detail - - - Updated - - - wow that's awesome! and a lot of time in the chair! nice :) - - - Updated - - - I really like the colour choice in the snake. great piece.
  11. Honestly, I want the tattoo to lean more towards pushing through the struggle and focusing on happiness. So, happiness is the main focus. I also really don't like how over-done "everything happens for a reason" is. but that's just me. Thanks for the input. ill reconsider the length :)
  12. The one on your shoulder sounds really cool, it would be sweet to see !
  13. Hey, So I'm fairly young and have a decent idea of what I want so I'd like some advice. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, drew it myself, and I'm almost certain I wont regret it,there is a lot of personal meaning behind it, but albeit I am young, so let me know if you think different! The words beside the girl say: Happiness is not the absence of struggle. It is one's ability to learn, grow and trust that everything happens for a reason.
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