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    I am a new father, love the outdoors and going where most will not. Love quality tattoos and am steadily adding to my personal collection.
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    Adventuring, mountaineering, rock climbing, soldiering, dogs, Jeeps, loud/angry music and tattoos!
  1. My thoughts exactly. Time/speed has never been an issue for me, I just want it to look cool when it's finished. Generally I don't plan anything else for the day that I'm getting tattooed outside of getting dinner afterward (most of my tattoos are larger, might be different if it was smaller stuff) so it's not like I need them to rush. When I was getting my ribs and side tattooed I was thankful for every pause he took and every break that was had!! :D
  2. chrisnoluck....that frog leaping after the fly is awesome!! Eagle on the chest looks great too
  3. Hope it's ok to revive this thread from a few months ago. Here's my gorilla on the back of my calf, this pic was taken right after it was finished. Got it done back in Feb of this year, probably time to take a good healed pic! This one was done by Endijs at Chalice Tattoo in Boise. I'd been wanting a gorilla tattoo for quite a while and when I saw this painting of his I knew it was the one I had to get.
  4. Reading about everyone's plans and ideas for upcoming tattoos makes it hard to wait for the next one! Just got a new one (outline of a lady head with headdress on my side/ribs) a few days ago...so my next bit or work will be to finish that with shading and color. After that, in September sometime, I'm planning to start a chest piece. Thinking about a war eagle....traditional style, holding arrows or maybe a spear with a banner and just a few words below, perhaps some American flag/banners too. Honestly, I'll let the tattooer design everything...at the end of the day I just want a big, bad
  5. Let's see if this posts correctly... Pic was taken just a few hours after it was done (thus the red and swollen look). Definitely not an easy place to take a picture of as she kinda wraps around my side. Anyway, I'll be going back in a few weeks for color and shading, cant wait! This one was done by Jon at Devotion Tattoo in Boise.
  6. Hi everybody! I found this forum about a week ago, liked what I was seeing/reading and decided to join the group. Currently in Idaho I enjoy adventuring (mountaineering/rock/ice climbing), love good music and of course rad tattoos. When it comes to tattoos I'm relatively new having only a handful...but there's always more on the list! Definitely like the bold, strong traditional style tattoos I've seen here. Looking forward to seeing everything there is to see here and contribute when there might be topics in my lane. I'll see if I can post a picture or two of my latest tattoo (done yest
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