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  1. Thank you guys, I'm checking them out!
  2. I have Michelangelo from TMNT on my upper left shoulder, my left arm is going to be my childhood arm
  3. Depends on what the tattoo is B&G can look amazing. As for me it's all about the color, I love colorful things and to me things that are 2 toned aren't very exciting. I'm also to each their own if you love B&G and can rock it do it same thing with color.
  4. Hey guys and gals. I'm heading to Portland Oregon and Battleground Washington (close to Vancouver Washington) next week and my aunt and I are getting tattoo's while I'm there (different things). I'm looking for shop recommendations and suggestions for the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington areas! Thank you very much in advance.
  5. my daughter is 2 and she loves my tattoos, she's always wanting me to put temporary tattoos on her in the same spots I have my tattoos. I'd love for her to want them when she's older, but if she doesn't that's fine as well.
  6. I have Michelangelo from the TMNT on my left shoulder and i'm going to be adding the rest of the turtles along with grumpy bear, clover (from my little pony tails), widget from widget the world watcher, the pink power ranger (original), oscar the grouch, the weapons from clue and some other things if i have room since it's going to be my childhood tattoo sleeve/arm
  7. who: Clarens Monroy from Por Vida Tattoos (upland, california) what: Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when: Saturday where: Salt Lake International Tattoo Convention why: I want to start a sleeve of everything from my childhood that i loved or made an impact on my life and I got it at the convention only because I won a voucher for a free tattoo (under $500) tehehe just wanted to post a list, anyways, here's a picture of my tattoo (which i love very much)
  8. Thank you all for the suggestions, i'm checking out all of the shops as we speak and of course after I move and get my tattoo i'll post it here :)
  9. Thank you for all of the suggestions and I'll be moving to Columbia, but i'm willing to travel around the state or even up to North Carolina.
  10. I'm going to be moving to South Carolina this summer and was wondering if anyone could suggest any shops or artists I can check out in South Carolina? I'm open to suggestions anywhere in the state.
  11. Canada: (Toronto) I've had people tell me nice tattoo's and i've always been treated like a regular person USA: (Utah) I get treated like i'm the devil and going to burn in hell because i'm not mormon and have tattoo's which go against their beliefs, they also say i'm evil and a thief because apparently only thief's have tattoos. Chile: (Santiago) everyone kept asking me about my tattoo's in their broken english (I don't speak spanish) and i even saw one guy who just got his whole lower arm tattoo'd and talked to him.
  12. I'd let my daughter get a tattoo if she's under 18, but she'd have to be 16 or 17 and there'd be some rules, like it's something you've thought a lot about and wanted for the past 4 years (my mom did the same with me and my first tattoo was a graduation gift and something I wanted since I was 11) otherwise you have to wait until you're 18 to get it. I'll also inform her about where not to get tattoo'd so she can work any job she wants to.
  13. my wrist tattoos are a bit impulsive, i decided before i left Canada i wanted a maple leaf, well i went and got a maple leaf that same day (the outline in red at least) then when i returned to the US I decided you know i want the eagle on the back of the 1986 (the year i was born) US quarter on my left wrist outlined in blue so i went in and got it the same day I returned to the US (I always carry an 86 quarter with me lol i'm weird).
  14. I've been making halloween costumes for family and friends along with cleaning the house and packing up everything that's moving to Chile with me, everything else will either be sold, donated or trashed!
  15. Finishing up getting everything I need for my daughter's first birthday party on Saturday, even though her birthday is on Friday
  16. The two tattoo's i got on saturday, the two turtles are to represent my daughter and I. the bear print is my memorial tattoo for my dad, his favorite college teams football logo (plus it's the city he was born and raised in) along with his signature and dob/dod
  17. I really think about where i'm going to have my tattoo's placed before i get them (I have to rethink the location of two of my tattoo's because they don't tattoo the area i want them). I'm OCD when it comes to numbers so I have to have an even amount of tattoo's on my body (i'll be up to 6 with 4 on the left side and 2 on the right side) and most of my tattoo's have to be on the left side of my body. Besides that I don't care how i look in clothing with my tattoos
  18. I got to thinking the other day, all the tattoo's i've had done in the states the artists has wrapped with plastic wrap, but the tattoo i got up in Canada the artist put some gauze on after she finished with the tattoo. It made me wonder what is better to put on a tattoo would it be gauze because it allows the tattoo to breath and can absorb the blood or is plastic wrap because it suffocates in a sense the tattoo. I preferred the gauze because compared to plastic wrap i didn't notice the gauze, but the plastic wrap irritated my skin so much i've always taken them off right after getting the tattoo because i hated the sweaty, suffocating feeling. So, I wanted to know your opinions about putting gauze over a tattoo after it's done vs putting plastic wrap over a tattoo? What would you prefer having over a tattoo? psst: i wasn't sure if this went here or the tattoo after care section so i just put it here (to be on the safe side)
  19. I'm getting 3 new tattoos on the 24th of this month. I'm getting the outline of two turtles one in red and one in green (mine and my daughters birthstone colors) and then a ribbon with blue on the outside and light green on the inside :D, then on the 24th i'll schedule my appointment for my memorial tattoo for my dad.
  20. I've gotten a touch up once and the artist did that after giving me my tattoo. My newest tattoo needs to be touched up as the ink is fading into the abyss, so i'll get that touched up when i get my new tattoo :D
  21. The shop my mom got all of her tattoo's at and I got my last one at (3 tattoo's at 3 different shops in 3 different parts of north america haha), they listen to heavy metal and death metal, as for the station I think they bring in CD's to listen to.
  22. Riyko


    I'm Originalriyko, I post things to mine occasionally, but i have my photo's private until I follow you :D
  23. Riyko


    I love yoga and i've been doing it for 6 years now on and off, I stopped for a little over a year after i had my daughter and lost my dad, but now i'm back into it and I love it :3
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