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  1. NavyDavy


    Seek Light
  2. NavyDavy


    Eyes open, eyes shut
  3. NavyDavy


    Fire Torch with various religion symbols?
  4. NavyDavy


    When Night Falls. with snakes and knives.
  5. NavyDavy


    Little Doodads.
  6. NavyDavy


    Traditional Sailor Jerry design with my twist. For Susan Kidder of FSG Tattoo in Imperial Beach, CA.
  7. NavyDavy


    Lone Wolf design for my friend Crow of FGS Tattoo in Imperial Beach, CA.
  8. NavyDavy


    White Rose and Coffin for my friend Michelle Rubano of FSG Tattoo in Imperial Beach, CA.
  9. NavyDavy


    Panther wearing a top hat, I painted for my friend John Flemmons of FSG Tattoo in Imperial Beach, CA.
  10. Anyone know of a tattoo shop in Iwakuni/Horishima, Japan? Or a shop near there? If so, can I get an address or the easiest way anyone could find it. I have a friend stationed there and wants to get some work done. Please let me know.
  11. If you enjoy this show, you should also check out Marcus Kuhn's The Gypsy Gentlemen. Pretty dope I think. Here's the website. Marcus Kuhn's - The Gypsy Gentleman - Home
  12. So I've been painting designs now for over 3 years using Watercolor, FW Liquid Acrylic and Pelikan Ink on Arches (green cover) paper. Is it common or standard practice to spray them with a gloss cover to make them last longer or preserve them better? Or is it a "thing" to just give them "That SHINE!" All my artist friends I've asked don't do this, but I was looking at another friends artwork and its glossy. When I asked him if he used the spray gloss, he just said, "It's one of my secrets and I aint sharing." The work looks pretty cool with the gloss but I don’t know..... So, I know it's
  13. Bound by Ink is okay. The first issue was probably the best. The ones that followed were a little on the bland side. The featured artist interviews have been pretty dope, but the lifestyle section of that magazine has been a MISS with me. Inked hasn’t really done anything to me. It doesn’t motivate me to draw or anything. Thumbs down. Skin-N-Ink was making a pretty cool come back, but then the last 2 issues have been poo. Then again, every other month is a hit and miss with this magazine. Urban Ink is just garbage, they'll put any celebrity who has tattoos as the main article and its
  14. Which Tattoo magazine would you say best represents the Tattoo Industry/Community? Let's see, you got INKED, INKED(GIRLS), TATTOO, TATTOO FLASH, TATTOO SAVAGE, TATTOO ENERGY, TATTOO LIFE, TOTAL TATTOO, BOUND BY INK, SKIN DEEP TATTOO, SKIN-N-INK MAGAZINE & TATTOO ARTISTS MAGAZINE? I'm sure there's more, but just to ask my question, I'll use these... So I go to Borders or Barnes & Noble and in the Special Interests section of the magazines, I come to the tattoo setion. I pull a few out, find a seat and start perusing them... In all the magazines, I see some pretty great work, but in
  15. Is there or could there be too many Tattoo Artists these days? Or could there never be enough?
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