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  1. The BJM live at Austin Psych Fest, one of my favourite bands ever playing the one festival i want to go to more than any other on earth. Maybe i'll take myself for my 30th birthday next year.
  2. Bangor is lovely, me and my wife to be were there yesterday for ice cream and a walk along the marina. I'm really nervous about the big day but equally as excited. I'm not looking forward to being the centre of attention for the day, but i keep telling myself everyone will be looking at the bride and not me, i just want to get my speech and the first dance over me and then i'll relax.
  3. Congratulations Mark, I get married in 8 days and my time has been spent making Orders of Service and various other things. Can't wait for the day to come to be honest, then once it's done and dusted we head off to Mexico for our honeymoon.
  4. Yeah it's a line from his tune 'Ron Simmons' which is on the 'Blue Chips' mixtape he did with Party Supplies. I actually got the line slightly wrong it's "don't ever say my fucking music sound like Ghost's shit" I love him but his last two records haven't been to the high standard of his first 3 or 4, still i'm thinking of getting his AB logo on the back of my left forearm.
  5. I've had a fear of needles for as long as i can remember, but if you want something bad enough you tell yourself it's worth it for the end results. I'm also guessing (being a tattoo virgin) that the needle doesn't enter the skin as much as it would if you were getting a shot of something.
  6. "Don't ever say my music sounds like Ghost's shit" :D
  7. Hey guys, I'm new around these parts. I'm 29 years old and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I've been fascinated by tattoos but have yet to get one, the main reason being i wasn't 100% sure i actually wanted one, and if i did what did i want. Having thought about it for a couple of years and for the last year been pretty set on getting a sugar skull i have taken the plunge and booked myself in for my first tattoo (Thursday 12th September, though i may change and get it done the next day as that's Friday 13th). Having had a look around i've decided to go with Jamie Donnelly who works at Belfast City Skinworks. His previous work really impressed me and examples can be found on his instagram account ... Instagram ... i look forward to becoming an active member of this online community. BB.