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  1. Unfortunately this seems to be pretty common. I've heard sexist crap like this plenty of times whether it was from customers, or a co-worker. I honestly don't know what the appropriate reaction is. I normally just keep working and ignore the comments.
  2. I haven't gotten too many funny comments yet. I did get one when I designing a tattoo for someone in a grocery story. I was drawing this scary green demon creature and this lady gasps! I look over and it's an older lady staring at my drawing and doing the cross symbol. It was really hard not to laugh at the lady.
  3. I don't think this place is hostile, more like people don't sugar coat things. Which is a good thing. I rather like how opinionated everyone is here, its interesting to hear from people with a LOT more experience than me. I've gotten some awesome advice from some wonderful people here. And I know everyone else has said it already but I hope everything works out for ya, hugs!
  4. If you don't respect the trade get out.
  5. Keep you ink it looks sweet and it's personal to you. If she doesn't understand oh well there is the door.
  6. Thank-you so much for the advise. Haha Thank-you! Can I see some of your art unrelated to tattoo art? pig skin is very different from people skin, but it does help you get used to having a machine in your hand. Sure, but keep in mind I'm still learning. Thanks for the advice on pigskin and all the other responses. I definitely will not be tattooing people for a few years, I'll just take everything in and keep improving my art skills.
  7. I'm not a troll. I can finish 3 or 4 sheets when I'm not working, or in the summer. When I'm in school I'm lucky to be able to get one page done. If you want to come to the shop, I welcome you. Maybe you could clarify everything for the both of you and give me some solid advice. I really feel like this place is legit. My contract was at least five pages long and the apprentice curriculum was twice as long. But I also feel like I should maybe shut my young mouth because you guys might just know better than me. Like I said before I will be staying at the shop for a year as I signed a contract, but I will definitely be taking your guys advice on getting tattoos. And the three months is on pig skin not human skin. Three months is also not a guarantee if my boss doesn't think that I'm ready yet then it will be a few more months. I'm not sure if I even will be tattooing this year, definitely thinking about your guys other advice. All that aside...I got a question. In your guys opinion do you think tattooing pigskin is helpful?
  8. I'm at Art and Soul Tattoo and Art Gallery in New Glarus, WI.
  9. Cover-up? Maybe instead of the whole wolf cover it up with a wolf head. That way it shifts the focus to the wolf instead of the tree. The background doesn't look too awful. I feel like the piece would come to together better if the moon was done more realistically. But those are just my opinions.
  10. I've been painting my ass off for the last three years now I'm working on flash. I normally can do three or four sheets a day. I'm just trying to improve my skill. Thank-you very much for the advice. It's definitely difficult to hear some of what you said. You definitely got me thinking... I do absolute love flash and the ideal of walk-ins and focusing on the craft. An older tattooer gave me the same advice, don't go to the first shop that will take you. But I do honestly think that the shop will teach me the right way, not sure if I'm sure right or just too dam hungry. But I do know that I'm going to be with this shop for at least a year, I signed a contract and made a commitment to the owner. They treat me like family and the head tattooer is pretty amazing. The other two apprentices there do amazing work too.
  11. I'm learning at a small custom shop. It's kind of funny she said three months was a long time. Even though a lot of the greats had to wait a year or two until they started tattooing. - - - Updated - - - I pay in bitchwork haha.
  12. Double post...sorry.
  13. Guess not. I feel like people don't have as much respect for each other as they should. There was a guy who used to tattoo at our shop and he left for a year. Now we find out that he's renting a tattoo shop a few stores down from us. I'll be honest I was kind of hoping he wouldn't pass inspection, but he did. It's not the fact that I fear of competition, I simply think that it is an asshole move.
  14. I've loved tattoos since I was 13. Recently I decided to ask if I could apprentice at a local shop. Surprisingly they said yes. I say surprisingly because I came into the shop with just my sketchbook, there wasn't even tattoable designs in there. And to top it off I had zero tattoos. I currently don't have tattoos, but I'm getting my first one in less than a month. Now that I've been learning more about tattoo culture I'm lucky they didn't laugh me out of the shop. I've been there for over a month and I have two more months until I start tattooing. Everyone at the shop is like my second family. They have taught be a lot and it's wonderful to be able to ask about what works or what needs fixing for designs. I decided to join here because I'm a huge nerd when it comes to information. I've been trying to soak up everything about tattooing I can get my hands on. I've already watched every single one of the last sparrow videos.
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