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    wildchild reacted to cltattooing in 3D Printers...for tattoos   
    Hahahahahahahaha, holy fuck this is such blarney. I dunno if any of you noticed how they cut out the video right before the circle was joined but if anyone did notice, it was because the line trajectory didn't come to the origin point. I honestly don't think that anything like this will ever take off. Tattooing involves such an immense amount of critical thinking and on-the-spot decision making. Not to mention adjusting technique for various skin types, stretching the skin, adjusting needle depth per area of the body, and any other number of important variables.
    Waste of money.
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    wildchild reacted to polliwog in 3D Printers...for tattoos   
    Being able to see evidence that it was made by a human is part of the appeal for me. I was pretty freaked out by all the little funky things I could find in my first tattoo, but it doesn't matter so much anymore. I can actually find flawlessly clean tattoos a little cold, sometimes - depends on the subject matter, but I feel like I've seen a few things that seem to have more technical ability than heart. They're impressive but would feel wrong on my imperfect self. Kinda like when you get a new couch and everything else in the room looks shitty.
    I suppose this is elitist. Enough things in my life are mass-produced that I don't feel the need to have tattoos be one of them. I don't want tattoos that look anonymous, not because I'm a special snowflake but just because it wouldn't be fun anymore. I could see this saving people from really badly rendered flash, maybe.
    - - - Updated - - -
    I think the distinction you draw between elitist/non-elitist might not fully hold, either. I understand you are referring to a mindset, and not a person's circumstances (though good tattoos are expensive, and I am frankly shut out of getting certain kinds of work at the moment, possibly for life). In the circumstances sense of the word, though, I'm sure plenty of folks from non-elite backgrounds want the best work they can get...even the best shops in the world are someone's neighborhood shop. I think appreciation is capable of knowing no class. In the mindset sense, well, LST is available to anyone with an internet connection and a willingness to expand their horizons a bit. I'm a numpty and I found my way here (and proudly proclaimed that I thought flash was "boring" in my 3rd post or whatever).
    Sorry to go on, and to keep updating this thing. It does chafe a little bit to see art appreciation referred to as elitist when some of the folks dearest to me are a living refutation of this.
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    wildchild reacted to kingofcosta in 3D Printers...for tattoos   
    Damn. That printer pushes cleaner lines than me. Sad face.
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    wildchild reacted to Electric i in 3D Printers...for tattoos   
    I recently read an article written by an anthropologist who said that nearly all of the jobs we have available are bullshit, and the ones that are actually crucial to our civilization are underpaid. While reading it I was reminded of a book I have (in storage) called "What We Cannot Prove But Believe Anyway" and one of the authors was a computer scientist who thinks we should write algorithms that write better, smarter computer programs. Because apparently he has decided that he no longer wants a job as a computer scientist.
    It makes me wonder why people go to such lengths to make themselves obsolete.
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    wildchild reacted to Iwar in 3D Printers...for tattoos   
    Pretty much
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    wildchild reacted to teeo in Lady Heads   
    I'm loving the sad longing looks of the girls that Danielle Rose has been producing:

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    wildchild reacted to Zillah in Some of the worst ever.   
    Yep, my mum sent me this as a 'warning' yesterday, saying "This is what can happen when you get a tattoo." I sent her a picture of a car accident and said, "This is what can happen when you drive your car."
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    wildchild reacted to Hogrider in Ink Masters   
    The next reality show - Laser Wars or Unink Master
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    wildchild reacted to scubaron in Ink Masters   
    Letting people get bad tattoos on TV cannot be good for the tattoo industry or the long term life/credibility of the show.
    I know it creates drama and possible short term ratings, but the show is called Ink Masters. Casting low skilled, inexperienced or ill tattoo artists, will eventually kill the show. But maybe producers don't care about what happens that far down the road. Maybe they are just looking towards this seasons or this months ratings.
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    wildchild reacted to polliwog in Dropping the Bomb, how your parents found out about your first tattoo!   
    "That's really pretty. Please don't get any more."
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    wildchild reacted to MadeIndelible in Ink Masters   
    That's something that bums me out about tattooing culture. The macho bravado that sometimes occurs, I mean. Tattooing has a lot of secrets and "it's just a show" kind of attitude, and some people seem to think they can take advantage of those facts. I mean, it makes sense when someone comes into a tattoo shop, or even here, and just won't listen to good advice. But that's just about tattoos. When it steps over the line into treating marginalized individuals like they don't belong or like they are less than just for being a bit off or weird or different, it just brings up thoughts of power abuse, which makes me think of old right-winged people, which reminds me of the schools and thought-constructions that I rebelled against in the first place. This post would probably anger some of the more secretive old guard, but that's really not any of my concern. I'm not taking a side on whether those claims are based in absolute truth, though.
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    wildchild reacted to finegentleman in fix or cover-up?   
    you're damn right he should fix this for free
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    wildchild reacted to tatB in tattoo ingredients and safety   
    Probably caused by the mercury. Thats why the Mad Hatter was crazy.
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    wildchild reacted to Gregor in tattoo ingredients and safety   
    Unicorn tears and the souls of dead cats
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    wildchild reacted to Shannon Shirley in "The Amateur Tattooist" via Reddit   
    Oh yeah....that's what im talkin bout....another star is born. We've got oil embargos , howzabout tattoo kit embargos. You ever look at "Lucky Supply's'' tattoo kits? ya gotta love it.
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    wildchild reacted to CultExciter in Ink Masters   
    I did. And it's as bad as you'd expect.
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    wildchild reacted to Rikhall in Funny or interesting tattoo compliments   
    in toronto airport a women who was easily in her 70s sat and stared at me for a while then got up walked over and said she thought they were amazing and they made her want to get one
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    wildchild reacted to youthcrewalex in shirts, hoodies and prints for sale   
    Hi all!
    im an apprentice from Suffolk UK and would be very greatful if you could take the time to look at the prints and merch i have for sale at
    Home / nofireinmylungs

    prints are amazing quality and huge, shirts and hoodies are lovely quality and the stickers are fun!
    orders of two or more items get a free sticker pack
    thanks for looking!
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    wildchild got a reaction from Matthew Thomas in Funny or interesting tattoo compliments   
    I haven't gotten too many funny comments yet. I did get one when I designing a tattoo for someone in a grocery story. I was drawing this scary green demon creature and this lady gasps! I look over and it's an older lady staring at my drawing and doing the cross symbol. It was really hard not to laugh at the lady.
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    wildchild reacted to Hogrider in When customers think they are friends, but don't treat you that way   
    Some people are just douche bags. Regardless of any friendship, your tattoo artist should be treated with respect and your appointment should be treated as a business transaction. Try showing up at your dentist, doctor, lawyer, mechanic's with no notice and ask them to drop everything to help you. A lot of professionals charge people who don't show up for appointments, and they should. When you bail on an appointment you are taking money out of the artists pocket and leaving him unemployed unless a walk-in happens to show up. That's not how you treat friends.
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    wildchild reacted to KegRN in Are there way too many tattoos, especially on ...   
    I think part of what it means to be a living being is not calling other living beings warped pieces of garbage.
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    wildchild reacted to haervaerk in Free Tattoos   
    Imo it doesn't just demean the artform, but is a step towards undermining the whole craft. The more people who do this kind of thing, the more people will expect tattooers working for nothing.
    @Graeme noted earlier, that
    "Given that it's a pretty nasty feature of contemporary capitalism that it's even harder to make a living as an artist, illustrator, photographer, musician, writer, etc. because increasingly fewer people want to pay for that kind of work."
    Which is spot on. I make my living as an artist/illustrator, and I get request to do freebies all the time. Make me wanna fucking puke. Just last week a danish music festival contacted me: "We would love to have you decorate one of our bar areas, but unfortunately, we do not have a budget for this, but there will be lot's of publicity". Seriously - these guys have a million dollar budget, but expect me to work for nothing? Fuck that. It's come to a point, where I don't even write anything back - I just send them this:

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    wildchild reacted to Dave Sobel in Free Tattoos   
    Chances are this guy is lying about his apprenticeship. People do that all the time to try to gain credibility. And it's a real shame that most people reading the article won't be able to read the subtext of what this guy really is saying which is that he sucks too horribly and is too lazy to get a spot at a real shop, and because of that he could never actually charge anyone for his work. He's probably just using this to be "cool" with his jerkoff hipster friends. Yet another crappy side effect of tattoo TV shows.
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    wildchild reacted to Graeme in Free Tattoos   
    Obvious comments about people getting the infections...errrrr...tattoos they deserve aside, this guy is an idiot. Given that it's a pretty nasty feature of contemporary capitalism that it's even harder to make a living as an artist, illustrator, photographer, musician, writer, etc. because increasingly fewer people want to pay for that kind of work--not to mention the number of other careers that now practically require countless hours of unpaid labour in the form of internships--there's nothing at all "refreshing" about working for free. Maybe if these people actually valued artists and paid money for art that instead of complaining about how they, the oh-so-romantic-Jawbreaker-is-my-favorite-band perpetually starving artists, don't have money for things like tattoos (but please don't ask them how much money they spend on drugs), they would have money for things like tattoos. Maybe they'd have to live on tighter budgets, pick up extra shifts at work, wear clothes and shoes a little longer, and so on, to save the money to get tattooed and that it would be worth it because if you love tattoos you'll find a way to make it work even if it doesn't mean instant gratification. Not to mention that if you have a respect for tattooing as a craft, or shit, for crafts and craftspeople in general, that you should understand that this stuff always comes at a price and that the craft isn't less "pure" because of it. I can't wait for the hipsters to be eradicated by a plague of hepatitis.
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    wildchild reacted to chrisnoluck in just one questions   
    never ever start scratching out of your home. ever. if you can't find someone to teach you properly, then there's obviously a reason (wether you want to believe it or not). if you deserve to learn then maybe someone will give you the opportunity one day.
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