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  1. Hi everyone I just got my first tattoo today an it's on the inside of my bicep, I was wondering how I should sleep with it? Cause its in a hard spot for it not to rub against my side. Just need some help thanks!
  2. I'm getting a Uruguayan flag on the inside of my left bicep and I'm getting it done by Nate Chadwick of fat kat tattoo in keyport, nj
  3. Should I go to Nate Chadwick of Fat Kat Tattoo in Keyport, Nj? or Chris Depinto (aka. The ink skrink) of artisanal tattoo, somerville, nj? Lookin to get detailed Uruguay flag on my inner bicep, thankss
  4. Hi everyone just joined, looking to get some info, about to be getting my first tattoo
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