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  1. i now got seven tats, most of them are small pieces or quotes. some on ribs, upper shoulders, inner arms, elbows and back. They have not seen any, although i live with my big family and most of them have saw one different piece in different situation. Still my mom and dad doesn't know. Just dad saw a back piece this morning asking what's that asking if it will go away and i said sure. Will look for the evening drama today. interesting how things will turn out. Probably will get kicked out of home, while still planning a lot more work to come in the nearest future
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    Hello everyone, was looking and reading this forum for some time, finally found urge to register and participate in tattoo threads. About myself, I'm having four tattoos for now, done from this year's January and can't stop from thinking about some more ink. Planning and sketching and having ideas. Think I'm addicted and love each dot of ink on my body. Full sleeve, Full back piece, Full chest plates, Full ribs and may it go on and on
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