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    Im tattooing now for 2 yrs and hoping to get good one day.
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    beauty and nice designs
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    teacher in a university and tattoo artist in tattoo box belgium
  1. Hi joffrey, i am also from belgium. Hope you enjoy the forum!
  2. Murido

    Who are you?

    Hi everybody! I really like this thread :) Well i am Nick And i live in Belgium, i am now 33 yrs old and before my 27 i had never thought of tattoos or ofcourse being a tattoo artist :) I studied nursery in 1998 but for me that was more being in the bar in front then actually in my courses because i guess it wasn't the correct choice for me. Then i started out in arts (illustrating) i spend 5 yrs there in stead of 4 because i couldn't draw for s**t. Then i met the nefew of my best friend who was creating shockwave games. That was so cool that spend 4 yrs in the game industry. After that i
  3. I also get the fear of needles very often in my shop, I always tell them i also have a fear of needles but the sensation is really different then a normal needle or even a piercing. We always compare it with being too much in the sun, a bit burned sensation and then they more at ease. Everybody has already felt this sensation, and none of them think it is really bad :) What do you guys think of using Emla creme? IT is a sedating creme. I also had questions about lidocaine? What do you guys think of this? Can ppl use it? And most important of all, is it bad for the tattoo?
  4. To break the tradtion of oldschool something realistic , a tattoo i did on somebody who didnt had a clue wat he wanted :) hope you all like it
  5. Murido


  6. Freehand dragon
  7. Murido


    Basic idea, she wanted plants going over in tree
  8. Murido


    The original drawing he showed me was realy uitsparing and not that good so i drew him something on the spot freehand
  9. Murido


    A cover up of some letters
  10. This guy entered the shop with a demand that i do what i wanted with his arm
  11. I Trier to do all the detail... took me long enough
  12. I Trier to do all the detail... took me long enough
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