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    Tattooing, painting, straight edge, and my dog. Life is good. Livin' the dream.
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    Tempe, Arizona
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  1. Oh yeah, I've had one for some years now. Too bad everyone thinks it's a shrimp.
  2. Thank you, thank you! Arizona is a lot different than Louisiana but it's going to be awesome I'm thinking.
  3. Hello LST! My name is John Bentrup and as of right now I live and work in Shreveport, Louisiana at Fortune & Glory Tattoo. The early part of July I'll be moving to Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona and I'll be working at No Regrets Tattoo.
  4. The first post should be introduce myself I suppose. Name is John Bentrup, live and tattoo in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana. It's not real Louisiana, armpit of Texas and Arkansas. Newer than most people on here that tattoo I'm sure. Super stoked on this website, especially the interviews I've seen so far and I'm sure there are more here to find and can't wait for any newer ones. Thank you starting this thing up for sure!