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  1. Studio 7 Tattoo is currently looking for a full time drug and drama free artist with a minimum of 3 years professional experience and a strong portfolio to accommodate our heavy walk-in traffic. If you have a friendly disposition and meet these requirements please contact me through my website Robbie Kass | The Best Tattoos in Wilmington
  2. you're welcome, and thank you for the cynical remark:}
  3. For all those "glow in the dark" tattoo questions Black Light Tattoos | Robbie Kass
  4. Robbie Kass

    owl in progress

    Robbie Kass
  5. I've had a lot of people ask me, so i wrote this article. Price Shopping | Robbie Kass
  6. prismacolors are revered as some of the best colored pencils on the market... the price reflects that
  7. I’d like to take this time to express my thoughts on the current misconception about lower back tattoos. 10 years ago if a woman entered a shop inquiring about getting her first tattoo, there was a 80% chance it was going on her lower back. It’s a great place for a decent size tattoo and the location affords the owner the ability to choose whether or not it’s seen based on their wardrobe selection. The advent of the term “tramp stamp” has discouraged so many ladies from getting tattooed there that I can’t even recall the last time tattooed one. The derogatory word “tramp” in the title spawned from the fact a girl had a tattoo in the first place as if to indicate the tattoo alone made her low class. Being as though the lower back was the most common area for one to appear it became associated uniquely to that body part. So in turn, if someone avoids having that area inked to evade accusations of a slutty stigma all they are doing is sacrificing prime real estate for a contemporary taboo. Moral of the story, get your fuckin’ back tattooed:}
  8. Tattoo Kits… Just say no! | Robbie Kass
  9. thanks Iwar. its a personal rendering from a customers vague description of the elusive "tatzelwurm" in alpine folk lure. i rather enjoyed doing this little fella.
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