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  1. From what i saw on the interweb the shop in San Luis Obispo called horse and stable seems really good. Also there are a few really good shops in the Los Angeles area.
  2. Thanks.. that was totally brutal..Next session is in january @Iwar
  3. Tomorrow! I'm getting my back (back of the neck to back of the knees) tattooed by Chad Koeplinger...SOOOOOOO FUCKEN STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. since youre already into it might as well keep on going with learning. pig skin is a joke and contracts are as well. just learn what you can and if your art is worth a shit you will probably be pretty good... i hope. A dude that i work with got started the same way as you are at this little custom shop that we are bot hin now.. not having any tattoos.. he has been learning for 3 years now and is just starting to get pretty descent.. but its not a walk in place and he doent get to do the important stuff like script as much as he should.. good luck on becoming an ill custom tattooer.
  5. Just to clarify.. These are tattoos that I made.. Not tattoos I have
  6. Hello my name is Pavel, I am 24 years of age residing in Hayward CA. I work at a shop called Blazing Horse Tattoo here in Hayward, this place rules, i work with some really rad dudes. I think this is the first forum i have ever joined...
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