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  1. I have tried them all over the years and I think Aveeno is the best product out there.
  2. it looks totally normal to me for 3 weeks old, try a little Aveeno on it a couple times a day. that milkyness will go away, that's the top layer of your skin that's causing that. Even though the peeling stopped, that should go away by 6 weeks.
  3. no,it will not affect anything on the tattoo.
  4. Dan

    Weird tattoo

    looks like normal healing to me, give it 6 weeks and it will look fine.
  5. I use one like this,it's available from local CVS or Walgreen's,it's a little more pricey because it states it is anti-microbial.
  6. I got a little gap filler from Greg Christian today
  7. I got a little gap filler from Greg,love it.
  8. I have blowout in that same area, and no ! stop worrying,there is nothing you can do about it.
  9. yes it will pass for sure,relax. can we see the tattoo ?
  10. if it was me, I would keep a light coat of cocoa butter and wrap it with saran until the next day.Like you said the artist will clean it all anyway.
  11. they sell a "personal roll" that i use,it works for any size tattoo,you can overlap pieces, for large tattoos. https://saniderm.com/product/personal-size-10-2-in-x-2-yd-roll/
  12. I will be there on Saturday,I have an appointment with Greg Christian. after I get the piece from Greg,that would make a tattoo every 2 weeks in a row for 3 tattoos. LOL
  13. I have an appointment with Greg Christian at this anniversary party to get a gap filler.
  14. well,IMO assuming you have done thorough research and believe you have found a good artist with good sanitary practice, then you need to relax and trust that person. or like was said and like I said, maybe tattoos are not the thing for you. if you are that worried about every step taken by a tattooer after you have researched a particular artist, then yes, maybe you should find another art form to get into.
  15. it's all a learning process, 🙂 I never stop learning more and more about tattoos.
  16. it's not necessarily the artist, it's just text that small will meld or look unreadable in a few years. it's just what tattoos do,
  17. if you think it needs it,most artists give free touchups(remember to tip,for cost of supplies) or just leave it alone and plan your next badass tattoo. looks ok to me for what it is.
  18. I am going to today,looks like a good one, maybe I can pickup a little souvenir piece. " chucomoreno95237 "The date has been set and I’m cordially inviting you all to come out and enjoy with us a night of celebration as we officially reopen the doors of the revamped @sacredskintattoovs to the public. My partner @mike_chavez77 and I have taken our time and put together a very special place that holds the magic of ‘Tattoo’ it has been hand blessed by ‘El Padrino’ our good friend and yours Good time Charlie, the windows hand painted by my player partner @_scott.larock_ and The walls tastefully decorated in true tattoo fashion with original art work from close friends, comrades of the trade and some of the best to ever do it. November 16th come on down to the place to be and enjoy with us good food, good friends and of course getting tattooed. I will be announcing in the weeks to come the guest artist that will be attending for now I can tell you that the man that needs no introduction my tat bro and all around bad ass @timhendricks will be here that night sharing tattoo stories and blessing the public with his tattooing so make sure to mark your calendars and as always I look forward to seeing " https://www.instagram.com/chucomoreno95237/ https://www.instagram.com/chucomorenos_warpaint/
  19. I think it looks fine like that, if it's a little different than all the other chrysanthemums on other people, isn't that better ?
  20. that's not from taking the film off to early, that's something else, how old is the tattoo ? is that scabbing ? does it hurt to touch it ? did that rash start after the tattoo was applied ? wash it with warm water and some anti-bacterial soap with the clean palm of your hand, pat it dry with a clean paper towel and put a very light coat of a good lotion like aveeno or maybe go to a doctor to see if it's infected.