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  1. IMO large tattoos,like full back or full leg or arm sleeve are a sign of the times, large tattoos are a part of the new tattoo world we live in,

    social media has also changed the tattoo world,

    when I started getting tattooed in the early 80's, it was all small pieces,

    back when I started you walked into a shop on a Friday night,picked a flash off the wall,and waited for your turn,

    I have one large tattoo,but all the rest I have are small to medium size,

    to each his own,

    but personally I like the traditional look of many small tattoos, 

  2. 6 hours ago, gaggelak said:

    Long story short - I have been sailing a lot, and finally decided to have a tattoo done. 🙂

    The boat is family owned, with the name "Clearwater" on the side. This was done first and the map was added afterwards.

    I love how the boat turned out, but I am a bit worried that the map (in the background) looks "unfinished" and unfortunately both me and my local tattoist ss totally lost on how to make it better. The ocean shading was done yesterday. That is why it stands out a bit. 

    I have thought of adding the country names on to try and "complete it" but this also makes the piece a bit messy in my opinion.

    Do you guys have any ideas? Everything is appreciated.


    is that how it looks right now ?

    because I think it looks good like that.

  3. 3 hours ago, Sarrod♀️ said:

    Hi, So this is day 13 of my tattoo healing after a touch up. This time my artist used fixaderm so it would heal better. It worked good didn’t scab or anything. I took it off on day 5. After a few days I notice the area were the bondage was started to peel and this included on the tattoo.  I thought maybe normal peeling. But now day 13 still very scaly skin where the bandage was and  it’s not just on the tattoo it’s the whole area where the bandage was. It’s not peeling off like a normal tattoo either..the skin remains scaly/textured. I think I’m having an allergic reaction to the bondage or maybe the soap??? I’m using dial antibacterial gold soap. 4F8EE045-9F4E-424A-8240-66A3DEA92BDC.thumb.jpeg.d230a18aa04665611b815518f527cefd.jpeg

    it looks normal IMO for a 13 day old tattoo,

    and the area where the film was will look different until fully healed,don't forget a tattoo takes 6 weeks or more to heal.

    when I use saniderm it is red where the film was for a week.

  4. 5 hours ago, Oiocha said:

    Anyone have some tips for the 'derm being extra stuck to your skin?  I've tried getting in the shower, using soap, using olive oil, peeling it over itself, pulling it away from itself and pushing my skin down.  I'm lost and in pain, help.

    nope, I just pull it off !  at least you know you had it on correctly.

  5. On ‎1‎/‎20‎/‎2020 at 7:05 AM, SStu said:

    My feet were the one area where I found it was MUCH easier to take if I didn't relax. The sensitivity was greatly diminished once we found a position where I could put my foot flat on the chair and then lean my weight onto it. 

    I had a problem keeping still when I had my ankles done, he had to put all his weight on my legs to keep them from jerking.it didn't hurt that bad,it was just the reflex thing.

  6. 1 hour ago, cgrave said:

    The tattoo on my calf healed at the same rate as my other tattoos so I reckon it probably depends on individuals. Then again, I've noticed that tattoos of different styles and by different artists heal differently as well. I also had one that did not peel/flake at all.

    Imo, if there ain't anything wrong with it, you're golden.

    100%   and it varies from different parts of the body too.

  7. 4 hours ago, Sarrod♀️ said:

    Thank you for letting me know, this is very helpful ❤️. Yeah I know that’s why some ppl don’t like aquaphor but my dry skin really soaks it up so not as a sticky on me. I will keep the Aveeno in mine!!! I used lubiderm the first heal...off of recommendation and I think it dried out too quick. 

    I used lubriderm for years until I realized it's crap compared to Aveeno.

  8. 5 hours ago, Sarrod♀️ said:

    Hi, So I got my tattoo touched up on Sunday and My tattoo artist put fixaderm I think or some derm on it  and told me to take it off after 4 full days. So I would take it off tmmw. He said to wash it and put lotion on it after. But the thing is I have really dry skin and normally use aquaphor on the rest of my body...it’s the only thing that keeps my skin from being dry. I was wondering would it be bad if I used aquaphor instead of lotion. I know you usually use aquaphor the first 3 days though. 

    I prefer Aveeno daily moisturizer,

    I don't like the stickiness of aquafor.,

      but no,aquafor will not hurt the tattoo as long as you put it on VERY lightly.

  9. 5 hours ago, Dantatt said:

    So in your opinion you wouldnt say the redness around that scab isnt an infection? I was told those cracks are from lack if moisturizing from my artist


    no,it doesn't look infected to me,

    but if you are concerned go check with your doctor.

  10. 3 hours ago, SJP0tato said:

    I wonder if a "best of both worlds" could be achieved by having it not stick to the actual tattoo, but keeping a healthy border all around the inked areas?  That way it'd seal things in, but not need to tug so aggressively on the inked skin upon removal?

    nope ! I wouldn't put anything on the skin under the dermal film,that would be defeating the purpose of the film.

  11. 4 hours ago, SJP0tato said:

    Just finished my 2nd Flexifix round this morning:

    Thursday afternoon had color fill, left the cling wrap on until Friday morning.

    Friday morning I removed the cling wrap, washed with Cetaphil, dried with paper towels and let air dry for ~10 minutes, and applied the Flexifix (no aquaphor this time).

    I left things for four 24-hour days (Fri morn -> Tues morn).  There was a slight bit of bubbling/fluid visible on Friday, but after Sat morning I couldn't really see any bubbling/fluid at all underneath the covering.  

    Upon removal this morning (still a bear to remove) the color fill was dry, and the bandage was definitely sticking to the colored areas.  After removal the surrounding skin was very red/angry looking, which I think is just a reaction to the physical removal (no redness at all while the bandage was on).  I'm wondering if it would have helped to apply aquaphor to the colored area before the bandage (I'll try this next color session coming up and see if it helps with the removal later). 

    The colored areas skin feels very lizard-like, which is much different than when I just had the outlines (which remained smooth after removal).

    I'll keep things lotioned for the next few weeks.  I'm guessing my difference between the first time and now is outline vs color fill.  

    no,the dermal film needs dry skin to stick to,  the redness is normal,  sticking good to all areas of the tattoo is normal,and the pain when removing the film is normal.


    and yes, black outlines and shading and color all heal differently.


    everything you described sounds normal to me for the dermal film use,

    and BTW,I love that shit, I have used Saniderm a lot, many many times.

  12. 3 hours ago, Jonathan said:

    I’m looking at traditional, have seen something I like but the tattooist is In Argentina and I’m not going there unless I win big 🙂 so have messaged him to see if I could use his design 

    there are tons of good tattooers that do amazing traditional,

    maybe you could find some tattooers that you like and see if they do conventions near you,follow as many tattooers that do the style you want on instagram ,

    IG is a great place to do research and contact tattooers.

    and this tattooer in Argentina, does he travel to conventions ?

  13. 7 hours ago, AtomicMagpye said:

    I reckon it goes a bit like this....

    Being tattooed has become more socially acceptable (at least in the UK).  This has removed one barrier to being tattooed (at least in the view of some who care about that sort of thing).

    Tattooing is more accessible.  There are more tattoo studios - and it's easier to get an understanding of the process and book an appointment.  This has removed another barrier (at least in some who wouldn't have made the effort).

    Tattooing is now seen as desirable in some social milieu.  This has encouraged some who are influenced by that kind of thing to have a tattoo - when maybe that shouldn't be a primary reason.

    The "being tattooed progression" also appears to have changed with the above.  Shoulder to upper arm to (maybe) lower arm to hands (unusual) to face (very unusual) has migrated to lower arm, hands etc as potentially a first tattoo.

    But then again  - "I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was, and now what I'm with isn't "it"".....  😕

    this is a thing for me,I believe face, neck, and hand tattoos are earned after being heavily tattooed on other parts of the body.


  14. 13 hours ago, AtlasShrugged said:

    I live in Montreal. The tattoo artist I consulted said it would be impossible to cover with another tattoo but that she could make them black and grey at least. Unfortunately, I researched that and most people say that that’s impossible.

    IMO that's a very much possible cover up,

    there are plenty of good tattooers that specialize in cover ups,you just haven't found the right one yet.

  15. my wife and myself have back to back appointments with Oliver Peck at the Feather Falls convention at the end of February.

    we have been on an "american traditional" binge lately,

    and we have been tattooed at conventions with back to back appointments a few times now and I totally love doing that with her.

    I am getting a horse shoe with a couple flowers on my left knee ditch,and my wife is getting a sea turtle to add to the octopus and mermaid Oliver did on her leg.