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  1. 5 hours ago, Kason said:

    Hi. I have question so I just had my first tattoo done about 2 week ago it was a chest tattoo and I read online that showering can cause a patchy tattoo and I’m very careful with my tattoo but today I’m saying a little piece of my tattoo is patchy is cause by the shower( I take lukeshower not hot but not cold )?? Thank you everyone for the help!!:p 

    so, you HAVE to wash it, a shower will not harm the tattoo, without seeing a pic of it we can't be sure, but a shower will not hurt a tattoo, it is usually something else, like scabbing or a poorly applied tattoo that  causes issues.

  2. 2 hours ago, ABriwell said:

    I have 12 tattoos and my last few have healed so badly that I am reluctant to get anymore done. I stick to the healing routine everytime using mild anti bacterial wash 2/3 times a day, make sure it is dry before I add a pure moisturiser. I used to use bepanthan but no matter how well I air dried it, it still gunks up. I then tried just coconut oil which is better but im still not healing well. My last 5 tattoos have been colour and I'm wondering if this may be the issue. So desperate to find a reason for it as I absolutely love my tattoos and have so many more I have spent a lot of time designing that I want done. Maybe I am destined to only get black fine line ones.  

    try https://saniderm.com/       I use the https://saniderm.com/product/personal-size-10-2-in-x-2-yd-roll/     I have been using it for several years now on many tattoos, and this shit works great !  put it on 24 hours after the tattoo and leave it on for 4 or 5 days, take it off and it's healed.  you can sleep, wear any clothing, shower, whatever with it on.

    the first 24 hrs after the tattoo I use cocoa butter and saran wrap,wash it with anti-microbial soap every few hours, wash it once more, dry it with clean paper towels, apply the saniderm on clean dry skin. BAM 

    be sure and carefully shave the area to be tattooed and for several inches around it so the saniderm sticks good.


    that's my method, I have been getting tattooed for many many years and have tried EVERYTHING over the years,and IMO this is the best way.

  3. 2 hours ago, Nexus235 said:

    Hey all,

    Couple of weeks ago I got my first big tattoo, and something I haven't expected happened. Even though I really like the design, after 2 weeks it's still shocking to see such a big and bold, i.e. heavy contrast tattoo on myself. Especially in low light conditions, the tattoo looks very black, in a way I would maybe prefer it to be a bit "softer". I've been told that this reaction can occur after getting a big tattoo, am I crazy, or does this happen to you too?

    P.S. I also have two smaller tattoos that I never had such concerns about. imageproxy.php?img=&key=9a0aa36a55d4d7c5

    Pictures below were taken after the tattoo was made, also I have attached some pictures of almost healed tattoo after two weeks.

    Thanks for your feedback. 





    it's a badass tattoo, looks great ! 

    enjoy it, show it off, and wear it with pride.

    the tattoo remorse will go away.

  4. 6 hours ago, StormyOblivion said:


    This is my first tattoo, so sorry for being paranoid! It'll be 2 weeks old as of Saturday. My main concern is, the line around the forehead and on the shading seems to be splotchy, and some of the ink seems to have dissipated from the middle of the line! It still looks pretty cool I think, and it's not like people are gonna be as up close as I am- but I have a bad habit of hyper fixating. Any thoughts are appreciated! I know I have to wait at minimum a month before even thinking about touching it up, but what do you think? Thanks! 

    Tattoo now: http://imgur.com/gallery/getGPb0

    Tattoo fresh: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9c_GNzFbJf/?igshid=1olgkyvxsyiwo


    so get it touched up after it heals, most artists will give free touch-ups,(don't forget to tip for their time & supplies)

    no big deal.

  5. 55 minutes ago, shampoobottle said:

    Hello! I’ve wanted a birdcage tattoo for about ten years and I finally did it last month! However, it started blowing out the next day and the lines healed very crooked. I went back to see what he could do to fix it and he said outlining it in white ink would help 😕 I don’t like it. I had some flowers tattooed on my ankle last week and she did a great job! No blow outs or anything. I asked about cover up options and she said it was possible to cover it up and it’d be easy since it was small! What do you guys think?? We’re thinking of covering up the old one with a flower/leaves and adding a new birdcage beside it.







    hi and welcome, yes for sure,if the artist says that she would do the cover-up and what you want,I would definitely have her do it, the flowers she did look really nice.

    where is that birdcage at on your body ?

  6. 7 hours ago, StormyOblivion said:


    Hi all,

    I was looking for websites to ask for tattoo advice- looks like I found one! This is my first tattoo and it is two days old, so I know it's a little early to ask this but I'm paranoid! The ink seems to have smudged/traveled around the "forehead" area of the little guy. I'm not sure if it's bruising, just things shifting as it heals, or a blowout (though it doesnt seem to be, compared to pictures I've googled). Any idea if the ink dots will fade? Many thanks! I'll post a pic from right after it was done for comparison 

    stop looking at it with this 


  7. 6 hours ago, Caseylynne said:

    I never had any fluid in my original derm... I was told to keep mine on for 6 days total. Just finished cleaning it for the first time and I've noticed little lines on my wrist and in the color work where the tape had folded on itself and my skin. Hopefully it doesn't affect the end results? 


    But is it normal to not have had any fluid leak at all? I also have eczema if that matters? 

    no fluid is fine and the wrinkles from the film will just go away.

  8. hi, I would just keep the original Saniderm on for 4 or 5 days,that should be fine,

    you can workout as much as you want,the only thing that could possibly be bad is pain,if you don't have that or don't mind then do it,

    the only other thing that could effect the Saniderm is sweating,

    you can workout til you fall over after the saniderm is off,

    and after the first 4 or 5  days have passed and you remove the Saniderm there is not much chance of infection,

    I start using Aveeno daily moisturizer everyday right after I take off the Saniderm 

  9. 38 minutes ago, Virtualanimegf said:

    I had a question, but this is the only forum I could post to. Can’t find anything about what this ‘initiation’ is exactly, but I’m guessing I’m supposed to introduce myself?

    Hi, I’m Rebecca. I have several shotty tattoos, but I love and admire tattoos so much. Thanks for having me!

    I also have a question about etiquette. Tomorrow I have an appointment to get a bad tattoo covered with a black band. I want to have my daughters name and birthdate added above it, would it be okay to ask to do it all at once or should I have it added another time? For me it would be better to have that spot on my arm heal altogether than in separate times and I don’t care about change in price, but I don’t want to piss off my artist. Thanks!

    welcome ! sit and stay a while,

    and I think it would be totally ok to ask the artist to do that,all they can say is not now, and as long as you trust that artist to do a good job on lettering.

    and I have a few crappy tattoos too.

  10. 1 hour ago, Randomguy with tattos said:


    I just got myself a new tattoo for my mom and dad and I loved it until a colleague missread the tattoo.

    If you read it as a text and pronounce q and k together it sounds like dick in my langugage and now i cant stop thinking about it.

    I have been having a lot of anqxiety over this and now I am already thinking of doing a coverup if possible or remove it.

    Anyone else who have had a simular experience when someone missread your tattoo in a bad way?


    so stop having anxiety over it,the tattoo looks very legible to me,and tell your colleague to shut the hell up,

    that's a pretty cool tattoo IMO.

    love it,embrace it,wear it with pride, and don't worry about what other people think of it.

  11. 5 hours ago, BoneWitch said:

    Hello! I just got my first tattoo just a few days over a month ago. It’s on my upper, inner thigh. 

    I think the bottom part looks good! The top right part I feel is just a little wavy and uneven. Obviously I’m not expecting it to be perfect and I am new to this, so I was just wondering is this something that would be fixed in a touch up session or should I just manage my expectations of it? Thanks!




    I would just leave it alone,

    it looks fine for what it is.

  12. 22 minutes ago, trippywack said:

    I got this home stick and poke tattoo done yesterday and i just wanted to make sure it looking ok.... like not getting infected etc. I have the slightest pain and but no swelling at the moment. I guess i’m just asking about the redness to see if that’s normal


    please don't ever do that again,go to a reputable professional tattoo shop if you want a real tattoo.