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  1. ordered mine and cant wait. i had a chance to see some of the originals and i am stoked about this one.
  2. Bryan Davis


    father and son
  3. Bryan Davis

    shark week

    for my wife
  4. The Melvins Howl Converge Dethklok Lone Wolf & Cub
  5. i have recently switched over to RCA for all my machines after getting frustrated with clip chords. ive found that the adapters from Eikon work the best. What do you prefer and what brand do you find works the best?
  6. Bryan Davis

    dime bag tribute

    dime bag tribute
  7. Mouse for my wife Felisha.
  8. Bryan Davis

    nesting doll

    nesting doll for my wife Felisha.
  9. -Its always sunny in Philadelphia -Deadwood -Breaking Bad -Sons of Anarchy -Dexter
  10. Bryan Davis

    Bryan Davis

    hwroman, i believe it is a russian guy of some sort
  11. Bryan Davis

    Bryan Davis

    Lochlan, thanks it is from the art of David Mann.
  12. having a regular client no call no show twice, then giving them the benefit of doubt and setting them up for a third only to be let down again. shortly after being told i was recommended to design a t-shirt design for her friend and to just go ahead and draw whatever i want cause they cant think of anything. Without any apology for all the time wasted or plans to finish the work.
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