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  1. I'm a customer of Joe at Cult Classic. He has a made a huge difference to my tattoos after only a couple of sessions.
  2. Trapjaw

    Snake Head

    Done by Heinz of Psycho Tattoo Studio, Rome
  3. I had this tattoo done on my leg yesterday with Heinz at Black Garden in London
  4. Trapjaw


    Thanks guys. I'll post a pic of the snake after I get it done. I don't have any good tattoos to showcase yet they're mostly being lasered. Yes laser does suck, I had a long session yesterday on a half tribal sleeve, but we could only do half of it due to the swelling and bruising and also the machine needed water . I'm booked again Friday to finish that session.
  5. Trapjaw


    Hi everyone I thought I'd join up as I've been lurking a long time and I've booked my first tattoo after a 12 year break. I love reptiles and snakes, so I'm getting a Snake Head done by Heinz, who is doing a guest spot at Black Garden tattoo in London in a few weeks. Here's a link to his work:HEINZ - PSYCHO TATTOO I'm also having a lot of laser removal on some crappy old tribal work which is going well and will hopefully be covered some time next year.