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  1. Yeah to be honest i think my artist just forgot, his daughter just finished school and came in the shop as he was wrapping. i have got a smaller tattoo on my wrist but its just a signature, nothing like the piece of got on my arm now. i will have to post pics, thanks for all the advice that i have received though, appreciate it. tattoo is now peeling a little and itchy as fuck. feel like i need to get a garden rake and give it a good old scratch! (dont worry, i wont touch it)
  2. when i say bath, i was sat in the bath washing it. my arm wasnt like soaking in or anything. i just submerged it to get it wet sorta thing. it looks better today though, think it was just the cream plus the ink plus the plasma shit so it just looked like everything was coming off lol. i feel better now. thanks guys :D my artist didnt give me any aftercare advice.. :confused: so i text him yesterday and explained what happened, he just text back saying yeah thats normal, its just excess ink.
  3. I just got my first sitting of my sleeve yesterday.. and i had a bath last night just to clean it up a little bit afterwards i put some cream on. today i woke up with it hurting like hell, hella tight so i lathered it up in cream. decided to wash it again now and im worried about the amount of ink that is coming off.. like it looks like its coming off. this is my first tattoo, any help??
  4. What is the best way to learn how to draw? Now imagine the level of skill a handcuffed crab would have.... that is the level i am on. Any suggestions? Would love to be able to draw.
  5. Welcome :) Diggin' the panthug LOL!
  6. sorry to post in this thread as its off topic, but cant create a new thread @slayer9019 so my question is, how many posts do i need to be able to create a new thread? i thought it was 10 :)
  7. it says in the top right corner "Scratcher - Tim Vanzant" i searched that name + tattoo in google and came up with this facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/RockstarInk87 definitely some hideous tattoos in there.. whether it is the same person or not i dont know.
  8. Welcome, cant wait to see the finished product :)
  9. Dope Antelope

    1st Tat

    yeah why doesn't he use a cast bag? a bag people put over their casts when they shower/swim etc? he will look like a tool but atleast his tattoo will be preserved.
  10. thanks for all the advice guys. am looking around :)
  11. do you mind explaining why it wouldn't last please? :) i have taken your advice on board and have been looking at japanese artists in my area and none seem to be up to the standard that i would like. i mean obviously i wouldn't mind travelling as this is on me for life and so will be happy pay a lot and travel to have it done, if its a drive away. but does anyone know anyone to recommend thats in the southern uk?
  12. I am having a Buddha at the top and a temple on my forearm with flowers and a few other buddhist symbols like the wheel of dharma as a necklace around buddha's neck. and some words inscribed on the temple in sanskrit. have thought about it for ages now and just so excited i have my idea all put together and im having it very bright colour. oranges, reds, and yellows. so a very warm colour scheme. with dark shading (but not too dark) to make it really stand out. any thoughts are welcome :)
  13. ian ink tattoo .co.uk then go to artists and click on ian @cltattooing
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