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  1. Ahh I came by to chat to Stewart whilst you were getting that done, looked amazing mate. Enjoy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Neil

    Hi - Again!

    Hey Oboogie. Hopefully This :D
  3. Neil

    Hi - Again!

    Hey guys and gals, haven't been on here for quite a long time, so much 'life' happening. Anyways just wanted to re-introduce myself, especially as I'm having my consult for my back next week, so hopefully be able to provide some pics when it starts. Catch you all in the forums :)
  4. Neil

    Hi =)

    Hi @elerrina. Welcome to the forum. I live in the UK too, I agree with the other members, looking through various artists portfolios will give you a great idea of whats out there. Im getting tattooed at Frith street tattoo in London and in my opinion they are one of the best shops around. From what Ive seen, depending on what you end up deciding to get, there is someone there who will be able to give you what you want, to a top standard. You might have to go on a waiting list, but as you've already said to get an amazing piece of art requires some dedication! They also have a steady st
  5. Nice man. Great choice of artists. Fingers crossed you get your appointment with Mike Rubendall, a Hanya/ Snake sounds awesome! @Wilhell
  6. Thats an awesome tattoo @Eilin. And great choices for this years convention too!
  7. I've got a few appointments over the weekend, Lindsey Carmichael, Beau Brady and Todd Noble, also waiting for a call from Stefano from frith street about doing a piece. Its going to be a busy weekend!!
  8. Ive got a few appointments at the London convention, Then hopefully going to make start on my left sleeve by the end of the year. Exciting times ahead!!
  9. Neil

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the welcomes everybody!
  10. Neil

    Hi everyone

    Thanks a lot, i need a better camera though, the pics dont do them justice!!
  11. Neil

    Hi everyone

    Hey Man, Ive been getting Rajin and Fujin on my thighs Ive just uploaded the photos to my profile, if they don't show up on here. Thanks for the welcome!
  12. Neil

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, just a quick post to introduce myself. My names Neil, I live in the UK and I'm currently being tattooed by Stewart Robson from Frith Street Tattoo. Been browsing LST for a while now, so i thought i should join the ranks! Thanks a lot!
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