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  1. Photos are uploaded on my profile! They won't rotate though :(
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    My Alberta wild roses, on the day of, after taking off the wrap.
  3. mmorgan


    My zentangle feather on my left arm
  4. mmorgan


    c'est la vie -- French for "that's life" -- pretty much just stuff happens, life goes on. not everything can be perfect so you have to face everything head on, accept it how it is when it doesn't turn out the way you want it. or simply, the nicer way of saying "shit happens" haha
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    The Swahili symbol for Hakuna Matata. I've always loved The Lion King, & "No Worries" is a motto I need to remind myself to live by everyday
  6. Good to know! I guess we'll see when its all healed!
  7. Correct! A bunch of small random designs inside a larger design, in my case, a feather! - - - Updated - - - Fair enough :) just work will suck haha pretty sure people think I have a broken collar bone the way I've had my arm plastered to my side! - - - Updated - - - I've already lost a bit of ink :( I definitely will go back for a touchup anyways! Ill post photos later when I'm back on my computer :) - - - Updated - - - I guess ill have to find the right method for me! This will definitely be a painful one because of the movement in the area and my line of work!
  8. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, lurked for a bit before joining! Lots of good posts on here :) Anyways, I have four tattoos, in order of when I got them - Swahili symbol for hakuna matata on my right wrist, "c'est la vie" on the left side of my collarbone, a zentangle feather on my left arm, and my newest and the subject of my question in this thread, 3 Alberta wild roses on top of my right shoulder. I'm a 20 year old girl if you didn't pick that up from my tattoos :P Now for my question! My roses were done Saturday (July 27th), today is now Tuesday (July 30th) I usually use H2Ocean - its what I used for my last tattoo, just a small amount whenever it got dry feeling or tight. I've been doing the same thing for the roses, but they're quite scabby. I've been told that they are scabby because the my artist had to really "grind" (his words) the ink in there. BUT I spoke to him today and he said to stop using any ointment or lotion immediately. This seems a little odd to me, especially since the skin feels very tight & is painful to move my arm very much, where the ointment gave some relief, especially at work (I have to wear coveralls so I make sure to wear a clean t-shirt that covers the tattoo) but the rubbing and the weight of the coveralls can make it really sore further into the day. Does anyone have any ideas to relieve the pain? I don't want to possibly ruin the tattoo by continuing to use ointment or lotion..(I had this slight pain with my other tattoos but this one is in an odd place so I've decided that's why it hurts a bit more) Thank you for reading, I look forward to your advice & reading everyone's stories & finding answers to any other questions I may have!