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  1. Spotted this one in Sambo's restuarant in Lincoln City Oregon. Made by Tom Slick in 1972. It was finished by Mr. Slick in Bert Grimm's Portland shop. It has held up very well. The only tattoo this gent had except for a dot on top of each of his fingers that a friend's brother did to him when he got drunk.
  2. Picked up this fun little cowgirl from Leo Darlin (Hidden Rose Tattoo in Portland) at the Pacific Northwest Tattoo Expo here in Oregon. Sorry about the picture, cellphone camera didn't focus too well.
  3. The first (I believe) annual Pacific Northwest Tattoo Expo is being held at a casino just 30 min. from where I recently moved to, Lincoln City Oregon. I'm hoping to pick up a little arrow-head or maybe a sugar skull from Linus O'Malley, Henry Rodriguez, BD Feldman, or one of those guys. Should be a good time.
  4. When I see other people's tattoos, I don't usually look at them thinking "that would look better if it was reworked." I was simply observing the beauty of a tattoo that was done over 50 years ago and has been left untouched since. Tattoos obviously can be reworked, as shown above. But I enjoy seeing them like they were intended.
  5. I haven't posted on the forum in probably over a year. I haven't been tattooed since February therefore I'm not on here. But I did manage to grab two pictures from an old Navy guy today who got these in Japan in the late 50's. The pink and blue has held up well in the pin up.
  6. It's been a while. Went back to Mexico for a visit. Done by Juan Arreguin "El Super" at Superfly in Leon Guanajuato Mexico.
  7. I agree, when I saw it on the flash it was one of those spontaneous things. I have seen so many dogs make the same face. I don't need any more reason to have it blasted onto my skin. :)
  8. Done by "El Hoper" at Black Snake tattoo in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico.
  9. It says "Oh Bury Me Not" (on the lone prairie) on the other side. By Kemer in Leon GTO Mexico
  10. These are really awesome, I have always enjoyed seeing frog/toad tattoos in traditional pieces. Does anyone know any of the background or history in the design?
  11. I have a few old ones that haven't been touched, one or two that have been reworked. I enjoy seeing some of the older "rougher" stuff next to newer work. I don't mind some of the blown out lines and washed out colors. To me it looks like a well-worn tough tattoo. Back from before they all came out looking like they were done by a robot.
  12. I highly doubt that you are writing a novel. You have no imagination.
  13. I haven't watched Inkmasters before, so I have no idea who people who made that rule or "tradition" up, but I would just find a good solid tattoo artist, someone who is recommended by the fine people of this forum, and let them do it they way they desire. Do you have an artist yet?
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