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  1. As a kid I always had low self esteem and no self confidence. That has carried over into adult hood and it's a constant battle with myself. When I started getting tattoo's I always kept them hidden. For the first 8 years of my tattooed existence I could cover them all up by wearing a tank top. No one knew I really had any and always assumed I was the type of person who wouldn't have them. I often enjoyed letting them in on my little secret and watching their face change shapes. I had always wanted a full arm of tattoos but never could decide on something. I knew it had to have some sort of
  2. I like the "Ooooh I didn't expect you to have tattoo's..." Once they meet me and realize after once I let them show.
  3. Oh and please check back for some tattoo pictures :) It will be a long 7 days to wait to post them in their own thread. - - - Updated - - - Damn it's hard to snap pictures of your own arm, on a cell phone, at work, just cause your excited to post pictures. here's a peak.... i know it's not the proper way to take photo's of an entire arm, but hey I did what I could :) On the empty space in the inner upper arm will be a dog skull with a little tongue sticking out... guess who that is for :)
  4. I had a few small ones when my husband and I first met (all hidden). I knew I would have many many more before my time on earth was done. One of the first things we talked about was if he would be ok with me having some and getting more. He was totally cool with it! 5 years later and he has a full sleeve (in progess) and myself a 3/4 (in progress) with others sprinkled about. I don't think I could be with someone who doesn't share the same passion.
  5. ok lets see if this works... I couldn't stop attaching photo's so there is kind of a lot. Enjoy :) and last but not least... his puppy picture from his little profile on petfinder
  6. We like to refer to him as a "Shelter Special" :) He's 4 years old and a total cuddle bug. Looks to be part pitbul and lab maybe? No one is really sure. The rescue said he was "Lab / Hound Mix" He was found on the streets of Arkansas as a puppy with his brother and sister. Then we paid for him to be trucked up north! We had to skip on out a weekend camping trip to pick him up. BEST DECISION EVER! He has a little issue with keeping his tongue INSIDE his mouth. So it's often peeking out at you. I promise pics! - - - Updated - - - I just hate them and everything about them! I know it s
  7. Very clean! Nice work for sure! Color selection is perfect!
  8. thanks! We are super excited. Kinda bummed about having to stop getting inked for a while!
  9. Feels great after that first one, huh? Welcome from another "newbi" :)
  10. I would say that I try to balance myself out. I am getting much more particular about placement and available real estate on myself. I like for the piece to fit the area of my body. I like to place things where I can decide if I want to show them or not. I started off with only torso coverage and have been slowly branching outwards. I still have nothing from the waist down. I think my first piece would be on my foot and then possibly work my way up.
  11. First time on a tattoo board and excited to get to know you all. Little about myself..... 1. I am an almost 30 female with a wonderful husband and cute dog. 2. You will most likely see cute pictures of said dog. 3. We are hoping to start a family this year. 4. I despise tomatoes and everything they touch. 5. I have never eaten a tomato 6. I have a handful of tattoo's, most recent addition is a 3/4 sleeve (in progress) - I will post pictures ASAP. I just need to take some forum worthy pictures. 7. I have terrible spelling, mostly due to typing to fast 8. I have a "tramp stamp" - spur o
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