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  1. i think for me it might be a healing thing as ive just had only 8 days ago a much larger tattoo on my other arm and its healed flat / perfectly and very quickly... i was advised by my artist that raised tattoos can be a number of things but mainly it is when the artists presses too hard / also burns you by moving the needle ether too slow or going over the same section multiple times within one sessions... im not sure how much truth is in this for everyone :)
  2. Cheers guys and girls. im guessing the bad healing experience i had is the cause of raised-ness?
  3. Yeah, well spotted :P I had it done when i was around 16 Y/O and they advised me to put Vaseline on it, well as you can imagine it took about a million weeks to heal, went all scabbed / shockingly horrible / puss-y etc... is sooner see a slight raise though than the one i have at the mo i guess ;) - - - Updated - - - Oh sorry, forgot to ask. What would be a solution to raised tattoo's? colour? ie put a few colours / shadings over it so it doesn't stand out so bad?
  4. Hi All, Hope everyone's doing well! I just wanted to ask you opinion as ive never had a cover-up before. i have this small tribal tattoo on my right arm, and wanted to get the V one over the top, i know in the image the hats probs the best way of covering my current one so i gathered i would just be able to have it lower down my arm. What do you think? will it work? any in-put would be great. CURRENT TATTOO (OLD / WHEN I WAS A SILLY YOUNG LAD :P - photo4_zps842af34b.jpg Photo by mr2essions | Photobucket One i would like possibly... (Without the V on the hat though) - http://artetattoo.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/472001_362255913824702_173584406025188_1073731_640150462_o.jpg Thank you in advanced all :) Scott
  5. Ouch, looks painful? i dunno it might heal ok... IE then can be touched up? my other half had one a few weeks back (was very good work) and our dog caught it / pulled the scab off and it bled / looked very similar.... a few weeks on its still healing but the guys said not to worry it will heal and can be re done :) fingers crossed this is the same for you! all the best!
  6. Love the Koi / Dragon idea.. ive not really seen that before.. specially in some great colours!
  7. I tend to stick with a hand shake and paying my bill ;) he always seems happy with that :D though i think a gift is a great idea, specially after the hard work they do and patients they have!
  8. We got married last Thursday if that applies :D Wedding last thursday and my new larger tattoo started the sunday! good week eh! :D
  9. Stunning work sir, Love the colours on the sleve! wish i had the guts / pain threshold for something like this!
  10. mr2essions


    You shall go far my friend ;) clearly you have your head screwed in correctly and im sure in due time you will do well! Stick at it! Plus your young! you have many years to master your skills! :D
  11. mr2essions


    ive not though i shall have a gander :D Thank you for the heads up.
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    Hi all, Thanks for the warm welcome, Im in London (UK) Its been done by "Hammersmith tattoo" i did my research and they are rated second to none by many folks. i cant fault the work or the staff ether! :D Thanks for having me!
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  14. incredible! - In ref to the first post!
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    Hey all, thought id pop in and say hello and thanks for having me on here :D I currently have a few smaller tats and a fresh full arm one, i think ive now got the buzz and the collection will grow now! Looking forward to seeing your fine designs and advise! All the best people and see you around on here! Thanks again, Scott - - - Updated - - - this is my newest (un finished) its 2 days old, needs all the shading.. took about 3 hours for this amount....
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