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    My hubby is that way too!   He is the one that first suggested that I consider getting a tattoo. It was kind of sweet and awkward and funny because he went out of his way to be polite and respectful, and he sort of hemmed and hawed before he got the words out. At first I wasn't at all interested, but decided that it might be a fun adventure, and it would please him to boot. Of course I loved it and one thing led to another and I got many more, and will continue. My husband is very attracted to heavily tattooed women, so it works for both of us.
    I would like to be totally covered front and back, except head, neck, hands, and feet, and I know that he would squeal on the inside if i did that. But professional considerations must rule for me. I have half sleeves  but probably won't extend them beyond the elbows. But I am planning a back piece, and I'm toying with the idea of getting the whole front of my torso covered Japanese style. Then maybe legs to my knees. We shall see... I have told him about my thoughts and he contains his glee pretty well, but I know he would love, love, LOVE for me to be covered (and so would I)!