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  1. I'm doing a little tattoo traveling starting this weekend and made a little blog post about it here.
  2. I was asked by a dear old friend to curate an art show about the space at 491A Guerrero Street. This location is currently 5 pins Project and in another life time it was the location of the original Sacred Rose Tattoo. I’ve asked Karen Roze, Bryan Randolph, Greg Rojas, Paul Taylor, Jenn Lee, and Clifton Carter to show work with me at 5 pins Project, 491A Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA. 94110 on Friday, August 7th 6-9 pm. I've also written a blog post about it on my website so please check that out for more information. http://jetblackstains.com/?p=1078&preview=true
  3. here is a blog post I wrote about square photos and the big picture http://jetblackstains.com/?p=1061&preview=true
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    back at it

  5. http://jetblackstains.com/portland-february-12-13th/
  6. Got some new patches in my webstore. check them out here
  7. I made these FTW shop shirts and they are available in small-xxl. They are discharge printed pocket tees, super soft and preshrunk. you can order them from my big cartel or stop by the shop any time to pick one up. thanks for looking.
  8. http://instagram.com/p/u1hQUSp4QP/?modal=true Here's a tattoo I did on my last trip to LA from a sheet of my own flash.
  9. awesome photos, thanks for sharing. i only was able to go sunday because i was at the shop tattooing friday and saturday. i'm glad i can see all the action i missed. thanks again
  10. sup bro? you on here a lot? what should i do here?

  11. by Adrian Sanchez
  12. by Adrian Sanchez
  13. A.Sanchez

    bat head

    bat head by Adrian Sanchez
  14. A.Sanchez


    fox tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  15. A.Sanchez

    molly's rose

    rose tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  16. tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  17. tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  18. tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  19. A.Sanchez

    nurse 2

    tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  20. A.Sanchez

    nurse 1

    tattoo by Adrian Sanchez
  21. i lag at updating this thing.... http://jetblackstains.com/?p=820
  22. A.Sanchez

    FTW pocket tees

    got my new t-shirts in check them out http://jetblackstains.com/?p=810
  23. wrote a new blog about it... check it here: New tattoos from my flash sheets. | Jet Black Stains
  24. Oh what's that? You have a beard? You ride a motorcycle? Choppers you say? Me too! I actually headed up to Portland for a quick vacation and only visited one tattoo shop (due to severe weather) but I did see a ton of fancy motorbikes. wrote a blog about it, here it goes http://jetblackstains.com/?p=740