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    A.Sanchez got a reaction from bongsau for a blog entry, new blog post......a rant against instagram kinda   
    here is a blog post I wrote about square photos and the big picture
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    A.Sanchez got a reaction from slayer9019 for a blog entry, my blog   
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    A.Sanchez got a reaction from gougetheeyes for a blog entry, hey hey guess who updated their blog with new tattoo photos........   
    i lag at updating this thing....
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    A.Sanchez got a reaction from rleger for a blog entry, NEW IMAGE ART x DRUGS CREW   
    Some pals of mine are having a gallery opening at New Image Art here in Los Angeles.
    Come on out and see some very cool installations.
    I wrote a little blog about it, like to see it?
    Here is goes.......
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    A.Sanchez got a reaction from Lochlan for a blog entry, Now at FTW Tattoo Parlor in Oakland...   
    I'm in Oakland now and very happy to be back in the Bay Area. I made a little post about the awesome shop I'm at now FTW.