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  1. Well I received the grand price today :) Unfortunatly I can't show the t-shirt together with the backpiece, but at least I got some sleeves that pair nicely with the t-shirt ;-) (and yes, I'm sooo wearing this tomorrow to the office :) )
  2. I found the cheeks not that bad, and wouldn't have minded if he was to fill it in... I even asked if he was going to fill in the blank part a bit (but he wouldn't) :)
  3. by Bonel from Corazon Santo, Arnhem, The Netherlands
  4. Thanks Guys, I'm honoured to have become one of the Tattoo of the Month winners :) Even though there wasn't much competition this month (in number of people, not in quality ofcourse ;) ), it still feels awesome to have won :cool:
  5. Having tattoos doesn't make you less friendly or approachable, only a 'bad' attitude towards tattoos (of the other person (or perhaps even you ;-) ) does that...
  6. Here is my submission for this months contest. My whole backpiece has been done in a 6-month period (just 31 hours in total) by Bonel from Corazon Santo, Arnhem, The Netherlands. I also have a full size picture available HERE
  7. My back is now officially done! :cool: We had a little 1 hour session today, which was totally brutal unfortunatly, probably a lot of places weren't healed enough from the previous session (about a week and half ago ;-) ). Some statistics : My backpiece was done in a 6 month period in a total of 31 hours :cool:
  8. @MikeL I really like your backpiece! Really bold and strong, and very readable, great work! Btw, I hope we don't enter the monthly contest in the same month, I would like to win once :) As for my 'blank' fox, I'm really okay with it as is, it looks good as a whole... and my artist wants it to be this way... who am I to argue ;-) I'm already thinking about the period after next weeks (last) session.... no more bi-weekly appointments, no more pain, no more healing... I'm sure going to miss these last six months :)
  9. Today a little bit of everything has been done (in just 2 hours), red in the arrow, the glove, the shoe, the nails of the fox, even more red in the man's face etc. Next time we have some small things to do (which we couldn't do today because it's in parts that were not fully healed from the previous session, and to tidy everything up. I talked to my artist about the 'blank' part in the fox, and aked if he was planning on keeping it this way (as i think it looks a bit 'unfinished') but he gave me a firm 'yes' so I guess that's how it will stay :)
  10. You felt like an anomaly in The Netherlands? Tattoo's are fairly normal here, and most people don't really care, and I hardly ever notice anybody staring at me... but maybe it's just me :) There are some parts in the country which are highly religious, and tattoo's are not 'normal' there, but everywhere else it's really no problem.
  11. Don't worry @Graeme, the ass isn't any worse than the rest of the back. I found parts of the ass even better to handle than most parts on my back :-)
  12. Sorry typo :) I meant a Baku, a 'dream eater'. Baku are classic chimera; the body of a bear, the nose of an elephant, the feet of a tiger, the tail of an ox, and the eyes of a rhinoceros. One legend says that when the gods were finished creating the animals, they took all of the odds and ends lying around and put them together to make the baku. Have a look at Baku – The Dream Eater | for some more info
  13. Obviously I'm also drawn more to the 'simple' design, a more 'new school' very detailed design can be very cool from close-by, but imho a japanese suite should have the 'wow' factor from across the room, not from 30cm away. And what doesn't work with a samurai, a dragon and a ho-o?! You can put just about anything on your torso :) (but perhaps that part of the problem, soooo much to choose from :) ) For myself i'm still not sure about what to do with the torso, if i should continue with a munewari style front, with maybe something like a Kirin and a Baku on either side (perhaps going down onto my legs), or something like a yurei and a baku or something, or just do the whole front with one big piece
  14. But are you going to get a '13', or are you going to go into full rebel mode and do a '15' :p
  15. I just got back from another fun-filled session. 3 hours of stabbing on and around my fun fun :) This time a lot more black went in (coat and bow mostly), a bunch of purple in the coat and bow and some pink in the Kitsune's feet. I have another 2 sessions planned (in 2 weeks, and the last one in 4 weeks), and the piece should be done then! :cool:
  16. Well, torso need to be done, legs ... thus that gonna be a lot of pain... again... and a lot of money.... again ;-) Gotta win the lottery first i guess :)