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  1. Got the colour started on this on Tuesday, can't wait to see the finished product. Going to be amazing.
  2. Getting the colour started on this one on Tuesday. Another 6 hour session, can't wait!
  3. Hiya I was a member here a while ago and got some good recommendations for an artist which I'm eternally grateful for! Back to get more recommendations for a friend but will post in the appropriate section once I'm allowed ^_^ But since i last posted here I started on my second tattoo, have my next sitting on Tuesday and I'm already thinking of the next!
  4. Elerrina_7

    Hi again

    Hi guys I'm back. Just wanted to say thanks for all the recommendations when I first posted. I have now got my tattoo. Here it is Done by Jen at no regrets in Cheltenham. Love it.
  5. Elerrina_7

    Hi =)

    Decided to go for an orchid tattoo, just looking for a more unusual looking flower than the standard phalaenopsis. Originally I wanted an orchid but got talked out of it by my friends as they thought it was too common. Well I like it and it's on me so doesn't matter what they think =). Hopefully will be getting it done by jen at no regrets Cheltenham. Time to find some material and start saving. It's quite exciting when you know what you want!
  6. Elerrina_7

    Hi =)

    @Joe Shit thanks for the instagram links! Just had a look at Jennifer Sterry from no regrets in cheltenham and loving her work. Her flowers are gorgeous too
  7. Elerrina_7

    Hi =)

    So what do people here think of tattoos like these I do really like lianne moules work but i'm just a bit dubious as to the longevity of it and how much things like that will fade over time
  8. Elerrina_7

    Hi =)

    Thanks for all the help guys. For style I like quite bold colourful tattoos and feminine ones too so things like floral designs, peacocks, phoenix etc Also really love the tiger designs (my favourite animal). My problem is I'm not very creative or imaginative so when i see things i like i'm all like thats awesome. But i'm not very good at thinking about stuff i like. Not very useful haha
  9. Elerrina_7

    Hi =)

    I'm based in the West Midlands near the border with Wales. Although I would travel to get one. It's going to be with me for life so I'll pay as much as i have to and travel to wherever necessary to get an amazing piece of art =) But if you can recommend some good tattoo studios around the UK would be very helpful, I wouldn't know where to start.
  10. Elerrina_7

    Hi =)

    Hi there I'm Ashleigh, 22 from the UK. Just found this forum the other day whilst browsing and its fab. Lots of great advice. I did have a quick question. I currently have no tattoos and am finding it hard to chose something in particular. I mean there's just so much beautiful artwork out there that I am struggling. How did you guys decide on your first tattoos. Also I'm not one for putting meaning into something, when i get a tattoo it will be because i like it not because my dog died =)
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