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  1. I have seen it to, it was amazing. One girl got coverup on her leg what was first a picture, then she colored it all over with black and later she got roses or something on it. Was amazing, it can be done only with some right dyes as i did read. Artist did not reveal hes secrets and name or producer of those dyes.
  2. You need atleast 20 sessions to light it, dont believe those storys what say 1 to 6. It is done only if your tattoo is wery light and mostly done with shadows. If you find a good artist, he can cover it, even if it is black, but i reccomend u to do atleast 10 sessions before u decide to cover it. Coverup is needed anyways because u can never get back clearskin, it wery rarely acchieved.
  3. ahhh, what ever, i go away from this forum. :D Good bye
  4. I really get much negative feedback. Nice to see how friendly members this forum has. First, i did much research before i bought laser, i bought it from wery trustful company with much pleased customers. I got coretraining and i can tell that lasers are not killers like much people here are thinking. ( maby they are, old ones and fake ones ) I have tested it with r20 and all other ways, no scarring and fast healing, so please... Reason why i bought my own laser was the threatment cost at my country, it is 1000 euros one session, my paycheck is 700 euros :) Laser was 2000 euros... I called to all places who are doing laser threatments and only one laser was better than mine, still, i do not have such money and i want to solve my problem. If you people do not know about lasers, then please do not comment bullocks. I know that this forum has much good people who know about lasers and tattoos. And no, i do not want to put my own design as coverup but thinking more like, is it ok to coverup light brown ink with any design i choose. bytheway, there are much things what people can learn, like tattooartists started tattooing, they bought tattoogun and begun tattoing. Now, why i cant learn to laser? Why so much negativity with it? And yes, you can learn to be dentist to but it is 100x more difficult than lasering. As you are approaching laser threatment, only thing what you must notice is how skin reacts with laser and then, how it heals. For example, i lasered one tattoo 5x in one month, tattoo went lighter and no scaring. Now, please understand, this was my only solution and i think it is helping me much and i am more than happy that i bought the laser and more than happy than i learned how to laser. And no, i guess i can skip the darwin award to because everythign is going fine and i am not the onlyone who is doing it by him self. Peace! - - - Updated - - - And yeah, for some some people, who are still not getting what i want to know then i ask with capslock. CAN I COVERUP LIGHTBROWN ink with any design? AND I AM NOT ASKING ANY LASERING HELP :D FFS
  5. Hey everyone, i am new member but why i joined, is because i like tattoos and i am really into good tattoos :) My story is that i am removing 2 tattoos, i have my own laser :D I have 5 tattoos and 2 of them are not fiting with my style. Well, I was impulsive at some time in my life and if actually i had good ideas, i kinda throwed them away and listened what tattoo artists say and beacause i did listen tattoo artists, i failed with my tattoos. I had huge depression and felt like i was used. Actually, it was with first fail tattoo... Other thing is my chest tattoo, what was first good idea and later not so much, i did not end it because i saw so much mistakes in the work. Must curved lines, shaky outlines, messed up and kinda done careless. Still, i can not blame tattoo artists but only my self and i think that tattoo artists bad work kinda helped me realised it was bad idea. Because he did not put on so much color, i can abel to remove it. Removing it now, 2 months... Black turned to brown and some places are gone. My question is, if i am removing it like 1 year and i get it extremly light brown, like ghosttattoo. Is it possible to cover it up with something black but my own chosen pictures or so? I have ofc somekind of knowledge about art because i draw to. I know what coverup means but are artists usually willing to accept such works?