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  1. Im using H2Ocean this time around and it's freaking amazing. I'm on day 6 and little to no scabbing. It was suggested to a friend a couple of years back and I figured being in a dryer climate I need a little extra to seal all the moisture in. Last tatt I was getting up at 3am because I woke up feeling like my surrounding skin was going to tear open but My feet are going great. I was expecting my feet to be way scabbier as I'm always running around after my kids.
  2. HOLY CRAP! That ep was just on in Australia. I was utterly gob smacked he didn't get the advert of the losing political candidate covered!
  3. I knew my mother wouldn't like my feet but apparently I've "ruined" them... I just think I made them prettier :D My cousin asked "why?" to which I replied "why not?" Just watch, one day I'll get a sleeve then go and visit my family across the country without telling them :p
  4. Todays session. 3 hours on feet was a stretch but got through it. Tattoo was done by Chris at Wildcard Tattoo, Kalgoorlie Western Australia I am super stoked with the results. I got permission from the artist at Jubly-Umph to use the designs. It's an Australian based artist who sells prints as well as pendants, handbags, wallets, earrings etc. The artist is even international now so keep an eye out. Not sure if my link will work but it's in my gallery
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    Feet tattoos

    Jubly Umph feet tattoos
  6. Nah, I don't think you're a pussy and as you said everyone responds to pain differently. I'm going on the basis that people who have foot tattoos have claimed the inner arm is excruciating and I was expecting so much worse. I am getting my feet done to fit around some shoes I regularly wear. It'll be toward the higher section of my foot and central. I've also worked out that it's pretty well clear of any shoe contact during the healing process with a variety of shoes I wear in this weather. It's getting to the warmer spring weather so I should be right. The reason I planned them together is because I wanted to take as little time off running as possible and not screw up the healing process with sweaty running shoes. Plus the designs I am getting really belong together. - - - Updated - - - Pretty sure this is the type of feet tattoo person i'm going to be. I have prepped for a whole week with minimal time on my feet at least (saying that as a mum of 2 is optimistic) I think it's more about the frame of mind you go in with.
  7. This gives me hope. So many are saying to me "it hurts SOOOO bad" but they're the type of people that would whine about breaking a nail. I'm getting both of mine done the same day too and probably about 4 hours total for both feet. Oh and the other people that claims it hurts so bad don't have their feet tattooed (or very unimpressive tiny tattoos).
  8. My friend's went darker than it did when it had just been done before it faded.
  9. Yes, this is exactly right. The guy that does my tattooing said that he gets frustrated with cover ups because there are so many backyard operators in town. He was saying that majority of the time it'd cost less to initially do the cover up as a design because of the time involved to draw it up and plan for optimal cover. add that to the issues with healing over previously tattooed badly and as a result scarred tissue... Also if you want full sleeves then get a bit at a time. I know of someone that's estimating her sleeves will take 5 years to finish due to cost and she's doing one area at a time
  10. Thanks @TrixieFaux! I was hoping to go a true red. It's for my bow on my upper back and I think the grey will be a little drab. I'll discuss with the artist when I check out the edits to the design I gave him. I know the red would show the shading better. Red will definitely suit it better
  11. Thanks for the replies. I was going to have a chat with my artist when I popped in tomorrow but was wondering if there was 1 sort of definite red that lasted better than others.
  12. I'm wondering what everyone's opinion on a more lasting tone of red in a tattoo is. It's going to be a large quantity of the colour over a larger area. I'm adamant about sun protection/staying out of the sun during strongest parts of the day/covering skin with clothing etc. I was leaning towards a slightly darker red colour. Anything that will stay a definite red and not go hot pink. any input thrown my way is welcome :) Thanks
  13. Errr, it was a bit more than just the colour lol. some really suspicious shading was happening . My phone camera is broken so I couldn't take a pic
  14. MsCandyPants


    Yeah, one of my friends is a gym junkie and loves that Krav Maga varies the structure. He always has a blast at his class.
  15. I guess if you're asking questions about going back then to me that'd be a big no. If you were truly trusting in their work then you wouldn't hesitate. That's just how I see it
  16. MsCandyPants


    Hi! Welcome! Is Krav-Jitsu a variation on Krav Maga? I know a few people that do Krav Maga and they love it.
  17. To be honest without knowing the artist I couldn't tell you . I tend to go on my gut with these things though. Is there any reason why you'd question the artist's reputation otherwise? Maybe you've had issues with the coloured inks?
  18. Wait a sec... Are we talking about random tattoos that appear to be genitals or tattoos that are genitals? The reason I'm asking is because I thought I saw a vagina yesterday but it was apparently a rose... APPARENTLY! It was definitely a vagina inspired rose at the very least.
  19. I'm guessing it's just where they layered one ink over another. Just a guess (educated one). Pretty sure it'll heal. I've been doing a heap of research because getting both of my feet done within 24 hours in a month. apparently they're notorious for drying out. Yes, I'm crazy getting both feet in 24 hours but running is my cigarette substitute so can't take more time than needed off.
  20. My black piece had all the scabbing come off early and it's not looking too bad. It is only a couple of weeks old though so still healing. when all the finer skin scabby leftover go away it'll look ace. I was stressing majorly too. I do have to have a couple of places that need touching up but my son accidentally scratched me. He managed to rake his nails through the whole lot Don't stress too much. I've heard from a few people that feet seem to take a little longer to heal - - - Updated - - - sorry, forgot to ask if it's where white ink is that's mega scabby? My sister had heaps of issues with her white getting super thick scabs but it healed just fine... just took longer
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