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  1. just got this handsome dude from Phil Tworavens (@lustandconsume on instagram) to kick off the leg stuff
  2. NBMgreg

    gentleman fox

    Phil Tworavens (@lustandconsume)
  3. just got this hand/knife done on saturday on the 'ol thigh, studio city tattoo in Los Angeles image url
  4. Nice! Looks awesome. I'm about to finish up a traditional sleeve myself. Are you going to do any filler?
  5. Welcome! Tattoo looks good, the black doesn't really look out of place, never would have guessed it wasn't supposed to be there until you mentioned it. And I agree with the others, tattoos can have kind of a "oh crap" shock no matter how much you wanted it or like it.. I think its just natural.
  6. Welcome man! Vegas is another world.. Actually just passed up an opportunity to meet a couple buds there tonight :/ I dig the tattoo! As for the other piece, why not save your money from laser and just keep it as a reminder of a certain stage in your life, and use that money for the next project :)
  7. Love the color on that dragon.. Coming from a black/grey man haha. Welcome
  8. NBMgreg


    Welcome! I believe the general consensus would say wait a solid month for that guy to heal, before doing any extreme exercises.. Especially since its in a pivot zone.
  9. Ahhh I see now.. Yeah I completely agree. I have actually found that last one on google a while ago and thought something looked off. So far I've only got two spots where there's a significant amount of space left.. If I do decide to do filler I'll put something there before doing the filler. Thanks man
  10. Wow that's good stuff man! I dig the chest piece. I read a few times in the thread posted above about stars and dots done "properly".. Do you happen to have any examples of proper stars and dots versus an incorrect way?
  11. Thanks! The place is called Studio City Tattoo.. It's pretty much in the north Hollywood area. My original compass was done by a guy named Jose Menendez.. I enjoyed the experience so much that I went back to him for the whole arm. He's done a great job of putting my ideas on paper.
  12. I actually did read that, but can't post in there since I'm still a noob :( As soon as I'm able, I'll be venturing that way though. Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys! Been chipping away at it slowly the past 5 months or so, I'll be happy to finally have it all finished. Maybe once I see the finished product it will be an easier decision to go with filler or leave it negative spaced.
  14. black and grey traditional
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