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  1. I dig your Deku Scrub Ducky ^. Awesome thread! Here are three tattoos I have done. One is a Charmander from Poke'mon, one a helmet from the Dark Souls videogame for PS3 and one is a Papou fruit from Kingdom Hearts. I actually look forward to doing more tattoos like these.
  2. Lots of great new albums this year. For me, I was impressed by RA the Rugged Man's album Legends Never Die. Also the new Latyrx album. Good year for underground hip hop.
  3. Thanks guys. Awesome site you have here.
  4. I recently tattooed a friend who works at a doggie daycare. In order to keep his tattoo clean, I recommended to him to wear a long sleeve shirt while working with animals. I have seen guys who work in welding who have had tattoos straight burned off!
  5. At this point, I don't have too many exposed tattoos so I haven't had to deal with gawkers. I have had a girl once tell me that I looked "too normal" to work at a tattoo shop, to which I took offense. Most of the people in my circle are very open to tattoos as most of them have tattoos. I do have an uncle who is in law enforcement who love to trash talk tattoos and people with them. He doesn't support my career or the art form. I can attribute the hostility towards tattoos to ignorance in most cases.
  6. I would avoid any exercises that require heavy stretching of the skin as it could cause the dry, healing skin to crack. Also, depending on the placement avoid sweaty exercise equipment as it is usually teeming with bacteria.
  7. I agree with Irezumi. A tattoo shop is not a McDonalds. Tattoos are not fast-food made to order and if you can't afford the shop rate, you can go elsewhere and get a shitty tattoo and pay even more to fix your shoddy work. You cannot put a price on a job well done. Needless to say, we don't do Friday the 13th specials or anything like that. We don't need the riff-raff that these specials seem to attract in our shop.
  8. I was fortunate to have a tattooed mother who supported me in my choice to get tattooed. She even took me on my 16th birthday to get my first tattoo of an eagle on my bicep. The artist's name was Tasili. I have no idea what ever happened to him.
  9. At the shop I work at, the artists are cool with it so long as the client is respectful. Usually we urge them to finish a piece with one artists before starting another piece but again, it's their body. Most of our clients respect our shop and artists so it's never really an issue.
  10. Pretty sweet for him. I remember I was screamed at when I bought a tattoo machine without permission.
  11. This is pretty funny. It's a shame that these guys are selling records, playing shows and just have notoriety at all. I'm willing to bet they aren't spitting anything profound in their lyrics.
  12. What's up everyone, I have been lurking this site for a while, this is the first time I posted. My name is Ben Vigil, I am a tattoo apprentice at Brave New World tattoo in Denver, Colorado. Like most of you, I am passionate about tattoos and love looking at tattoos and artwork. I currently only have a few tattoos under my belt and have been apprenticing here for about a year and a half. The first year I was not allowed to tattoo. I feel very fortunate to be able to work and learn in a shop where tattoos are taken seriously. I look forward to getting to know the users who post on the forum. I
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