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  2. based on the art work alone id take myself and my cash somewhere else... as far as an infection goes, thats a bit of a stretch. like another person said 9 times out of 10 an infection is usually caused by something the customer did. i would think that if it was truly the shop that caused the infection they would have an outbreak of them due to an unsanitary work environment. its not that hard to keep a tattoo shop clean. walking around in the dirty day to day world on the other hand is different.
  3. i get really bummed for people when they get stuck in this situation... sometimes touch ups are necessary yes, but the goal is to not get locked into this touch up and redo situation where you have to keep going back and redoing this and relining that.. its just a bummer.. this is just my opinion, but i think when it comes to japanese style work you really need to be direct with what youre doing. at a glance, it kinda looks like he's not sure of himself and kinda tip toed around the whole thing. luckily its not that bad though. i think a good thing to do is what everyone else is saying and research some people in your area that have a little more experience with this style. good luck. i really hope everything works out for you.
  4. thanks for the warm welcome everyone.. joe, youre right new york systems is 2nd to none, and mike lussier is a great artist. cultexciter, nate is great artist, i dont know him personally but i do know t.j a little bit. im planning on getting some work from forest soon i just gotta put some cash aside. i just splurged on my hand at the boston tattoo convention the other day so ill have to wait a little bit... a good thing about RI is everyone pretty much knows each other, if not directly, through a mutual friend. theres a lot of really good and driven artist crammed in this state, its pretty rad to be a part of it, i definately dont take it for granted.
  5. hello. my name is anthony. im a tattooer from rhode island. ive been tattooing for a little over 8 years now, but admittedly probably only halfway decent for about 3. im generally a little quiet and try to keep my ego out of other peoples tattoos, but like everyone will push the stuff i want to do if i think someone is receptive to it. what else... im from RI so im naturally a big fan of all things h.p lovecraft. i love heavy metal, horror comic art, science fiction art, outsider culture. im a pretty big outer space nerd. im pretty much just a typical artist who loves tattoos, doing tattoos, and watching other people do tattoos. i think that pretty much covers it. if youd like to see some of my art, tattoos, or just things i thought were picture worthy feel free to follow me on instagram at SPACED_INVADER and ill be sure to follow you back. i really like seeing what other artists are up to. ill also put some work up on my gallery here. thanks!
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