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  1. Yep, aesthetics is the name of the game. I don't think any other reason is needed when it comes to getting tattoos. As for the old Japanese traditions, I think they exist for the purpose of aesthetics as well. That's why they've worked for so long and why people are so drawn to them. Rules for keeping clean images, not overcrowding, black backgrounds for longevity and contrast, etc. These body suits were designed for the long haul, maximum impact and readability.
  2. Same way you do research on anything else. Time and exposure. Knowledge is experience. Best way to learn is to get tattooed. You'd be surprised what you can pick up from just talking to your artist (and the artists working next to you) for hours on end. But I get that that may be too far for a lot of people at first. No one starts out knowing it all. This forum is as central a repository of tattoo knowledge as you can get, (apart from actual artists) so peruse the topics here. Pick up some magazines, use instagram, check out yelp reviews, look at pictures. Lots of pictures. What Graeme said is true, a picture doesn't really give you in depth understanding of a tattoo or an artist's capabilities, but it does increase your exposure. And something is better than nothing. In time you'll start to develop a sense for what you like, and also what a good drawing/design looks like vs. a bad one. What good shading, color, linework looks like and all that.
  3. @Intomyskin Nice, Cindy is a great choice - really big fan of her work. I also believe, as far as Japanese traditions go, that, yes, it is best to plan and outline the whole thing out all at once. However, IF you were so inclined to piece-meal it, then it usually starts with the back piece first. Then it is easier to connect sleeves later, which are bascially extensions of the background and not necessarily separate or distinct imagines, as the back is supposed to be the main focal image and everything else just accompanies it. At least that's one school of thought. There are many more that I'm ignorant of.
  4. sighthound

    Hi :)

    Welcome aboard - got any pics to share?
  5. A good attitude and make sure you smell nice and shower beforehand
  6. Depends where in NC she's willing to go. I lived in Charlotte and Made To Last, 510 Expert, and Ace Custom are my favorite shops in town. I would highly recommend Made To Last, they're artists are all top notch. In Asheville, my favorite shop is Hot Stuff - they also have some of the best in the business.
  7. Yea, I was in the same place - deciding between one-shots and bigger, more cohesive pieces. I prefer the Japanese bodysuit aesthetic over any other style, however, I like the experience of getting tattooed more (in new and different places, by new and different people). I'm a bit asymmetrical in that I have a Japanese half sleeve, and an American traditional half sleeve made of one shots. What's your career path @soraya? Just curious as you seem to be pretty conflicted over your tattoo placement. I understand the struggle over keeping oneself professional but also being able to express yourself.
  8. Hey all, so whether it's just one arm or both arms, what is your favorite iteration of the Japanese sleeve? Half, full, 3/4, with or without the chest panel? Half with chest panel? Built into a backpiece or standalone? Just one arm or two matching arms? Let's discuss what you like to see, or personally have, or wish you had gotten, etc. Personally, I have a half sleeve and about to expand it onto my chest. Wish I had gotten it all planned out and done at once instead of piecing it together, but oh well - live and learn!
  9. It depends, sometimes it looks better to blast over the nipple and sometimes it doesn't. I think the design dictates whether to nipple over or not, because I've seen it look really good in both cases. So, up to you.
  10. @polliwog All hobbies are expensive haha. Just understand what you like and what makes a good tattoo good. I believe that a tattoo is defined as much by the experience as the technical/artistic outcome - and for some, more so. Like you said, who cares what others think, let them have their opinions. In the end, if you like what you have and had a good time, that's it.
  11. you are far more patient than I am, guess it comes with the territory being a mom and all. Enjoy your travels and tattoos, it'll be a blast. And welcome!
  12. both of my inner bicep tattoos go right into and on the pit. So, while I don't have the entire area covered, it's been partially tattooed. And it wasn't too bad for me, honestly. It could have been that those parts were tattooed at the very end of the inner arm sessions, so I was probably endorphin and adrenaline high. But I found it to be pretty easy, much easier than expected. The feet on the other hand, those were my most painful tattoos to date. More than the ribs, stomach, inner arms. And I mean white knuckled, feels like a scalpel in the foot, pain from the first line to the last bit of color. Intense throughout, never had a moment where it got easier. It seems everyone has different pain tolerances in different areas. In this thread alone, we see a mixed bag of experiences in regards to those spots. So, your miles may vary - just don't psyche yourself out!
  13. @lape It looks very Myke Chambers inspired.
  14. ^ I feel the same way. I don't know where the term came from but it doesn't bother me - it's just another label. The more I go to new shops, meet new artists/people, the more exciting it is to repeat that process. I'm a relatively skinny guy, so my real estate is used up pretty fast even when I get a medium-ish size piece.
  15. Go for it. The way I see it, if the way your tattoo looks is your biggest problem once you get to that age, then you'll have lived a good life.
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